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In modern world people like to share everything as a video. Whatever sensation happens in the world, people will take videos about that and then upload it on You Tube. You Tube gives us entertainment, news, education, etc…Experts say You Tube have turnover 15 billion American dollars per year. Imagine if you can build your own business website similar to youtube, then you may earn more money. You may think that you have to be an expert in coding for creating a website, but no you can create your own website even if you don’t know anything about coding. Many years before one have to learn coding languages like CSS, Javascript and HTML if he wants to create a website, but today you can create a website without the knowledge of coding. Creating a website is one of the most important needs for marketing. In the world of pandemic people are showing more interest in online products. So it is mandatory to have a website for trade. I hope you can understand how website support your trade .. You don’t need any technical skills for it. You have to be creative. Word press is one of the best website which help us to create websites without coding.


Yeah, even though html, css and javascript are the building blocks of such a website, these matter only if you are into a coding related venture. If you need a business related journey, there are so many supporting websites with cost-effective opportunities to customize your site accordingly and it is quite beautiful!
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