Covid affecting your loved ones makes you realize how serious it is! Daily Drag
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My two best friends who used to date are positive. Everyone making fun of them as they broke up a year ago and yet at the same time the virus hit them. And now my brother is reflecting these symptoms and because of which now I can't at any cost get out of my house. The audacity of people to lie though. So this guy Vickky is my brother's friend and Vickky's mom is my mom's friend. Vickky's mom works in a hospital where one of her staff got covid so like she should have informed everyone who was in touch with vickky right but no.Vicky told my brother and then my mom indirectly had to ask vicky's mom and yet she said oh no we just have a little cold blah blah!! I mean why lie about it!!!! Yes you won't be able to meet people but duh!! that is what you should do. Guys please stop hiding it!! Just make sure you are not responsible for people's demise.

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