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We all are television consumers and we watch television on a daily basis even if we don’t watch any specific progr*m regularly. Comedy and creation of comedy and how certain elements are used for comedy talks a lot about our own mentality on things. When such comedies become harmful to someone then that will loose its funny aspect and gets a political view. There are people that do not like criticism of funny shows because it is 'just' mere funny and politicizing it will destroy the enjoyment, a person who reacts like this is either a privileged person or a person with no in depth knowledge on harmful comedy. Using sexism, racism, body shaming, LGBTQ related comedies should be known as not comedies but insults, violation and as disrespecting. Showing a black person and his acts as something lowly, showing him as uneducated and a person who doesn’t know the modern things are a usual comedy seen in shows. Similarly we may see fat ladies used as funny objects and passing comments on them, making fun of an unsuccessful poor set of society or marginalized society,there are even humor which promote the rape culture that is going on in India. When confronted with these criticisms the artists who does this excuses himself by saying that his friend who was insulted on stage doesn’t have any problem, then why should others care about it. Such replies only project the lack of insight of these people who is not aware of the social damage that these vituperation can cause. These humors are made to feed the hunger of the elite class of the society who has the privilege of owning a t.v. Since the criticized people also don’t realize that these abusive humors are told about them and as they do not have problem with it itself shows how they have internalized the concept that they themselves are deserving of such abuses. These people that you mock be it a woman, a fat person, a short one, a black person, people facing poverty, people belonging to simple jobs, people from other states who work harder than us, they don’t deserve these insults, they have no reason to bear the weight of abuse thrown at them under label of humor. Because they too have dignity. We being viewers who enjoy these comedies we are no different from racists, sexists and violators. We should unlearn many things that was fed to us since our childhood, because not all popular cultures are neat and harmless.


True! Most people claim themselves as comedians while all they do is grate out their content through other's insecurities and that as a human being is quite shallow! I love shows like how i met your mother and Friends or even brooklyn 99 which exhibit a great sense of equality and controversy-free comedy.
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