Chromotherapy, traditional Indian treatment that is gaining popularity. Daily Drag
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we are gifted with the sense of eyesight and the ability to see different colours unlike many animals, this is not just a sensory effect, vision of lights have more effect on us than just what meets our eyes. In the ancient Indian medicine of the Chakra system it was believed that each chakra had a colour to it and have energies concentrated in it which gives us physical, mental and spiritual balance. In such ancient medicines chromotherapy or the colour therapy was widely used, and now people are more interested in it. Each colour has its own vibration and and frequency to it which the body recognizes and responds to. Each colour charges our cells in different ways and gives us certain amount of energy in mind, body and emotions in the form of happiness, motivation and creativity. Colours can affect our hypothalamus, pituitary and the pineal glands and so choromotherapy can treat illnesses and disorders by alleviating pain, supporting emotional and mental conditions and providing balance that can lead to healthy life. Since people are now looking for alternative medicines that is close to nature, to bring back natural healing processes chromotherapy is in high demand. Isn’t it so calming to know that the colours can heal us, we as Indians must be more interested in our own traditional treatments.

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