Chief Information Security Officer- An important position that is often overlooked!!! Daily Drag
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CISO is a very important to position in a company as various functions have to perform by him and various things have to be kept in mind so that no one could interfere in the security and management of the company. Information misfortune is likewise to be remembered and they need to deal with every such thing. Taking minding of information, limiting misfortune, making sense of the extortion is the absolute most significant undertaking performed by CISO. So, we see that CISO has to perform different functions and various criteria are to be kept in mind while choosing CISO of a company because it is very responsible position as different tasks are performed by him in order to make everything adjustable and easy for everyone. Security of the company, security of the system, loss related to the performance of the company all such things are to be kept in mind by CISO and all function has to be performed in order to do all such things. So, CISO should be wisely chosen by the company.
CISO has to work for real-time an*lysis and has to an*lyze immediate threats and have to find out if anything goes wrong. This is their most important task and has to work according to that. They also have to look into the matter of cybersecurity and cyber intelligence and keep the system up-to-date.

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