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6 months ago
Fuck Facebook. They can suck my ass.

They suspend people for stupid reasons. I don't like them. They are pieces of shit. I want to punch everyone who works for them in the face. Fuck em.

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7 months ago
I hate the people on Ebay and that is why I am not going to sell on there anymore

OMG! I hate the people on Ebay because they make me so mad and the reason is this one guy gave me a bad review over something that wasn't even my fault and out of my control. It was weird and the tablet broke and then I didn't want to sell it to him but then he gave me a bad review saying that I didn't give it to him because I am a dead beat and he thought it was because he didn't even have enough for the sale but who is the dead beat then if you don't have enough that means your the dead beat and why are you getting mad at me and why are all these weirdos bothering me about things that are not my problem. This is why I hate people and the people on Ebay that buy stuff from me are just as bad as people on Craigslist and maybe they are much worse because this other guy screwed me over out of $100 and stole the item from me and then I reported the buyer because he stole the item and he kept it when he was supposed to send it back and it wasn't even my fault. I reported him but then it wasn't even fair he got by with taking the item from me. I didn't feel like there was much I could do about it because according to Ebay it looked like I did something else instead. Oh well! But this is why I hate people and want to beat the crap out of them and I hope that guy suffers a miserable life because he stole an item from me. Why do I keep getting the creeps out there? I want to beat the crap out of all of them. I am glad I am not like those creeps out there. Everyone else is the problem and I am the one who owns and rules my life and that is why I want to beat the crap out of everyone. If you steal from me then you pay the price for what you did. Sometimes when you pay the price it will be worse than the crime against me so watch out! I hate everyone so why are there weirdos out there talking to me when I hate them. It doesn't make any sense to me.

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one year ago
Toxic family/ household / anxiety / depression .

I honestly don't feel good about the person I am because of my mother , I get called names and stuff and it's hard to feel good about yourself when every-time you get in trouble or you do something bad it's like someone is picking on you . my parents parenting style is garbage , and I've become dependent on people I've just met to vent to and emotional support . smh

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2 years ago
Confusion in Cambodia amid questions over virus on cruise ship

"Irregularities in the results announced by Malaysian authorities have caused fear, confusion and discrimination among Westerdam passengers" - Cambodia health ministry

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2 years ago
Deed poll process needs 'attention' to ensure trans people are not being outed, says High Court judge

Master Victoria McCloud says the deed poll process is "very public" because High Court staff publish old and new names on the internet.

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2 years ago
Coronavirus Infections Expanding at a Growing Rate

A top Chinese health official warned on Sunday that the coronavirus "epidemic is now entering a more serious and complex period."

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2 years ago
Quick bu*ials and lack of tests raise fears Cornavirus outbreak is much bigger than China admits

In Wuhan, hospitals are already running out of medical supplies, patient beds and coronavirus diagnostic test kits.

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