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5 d ago
Is it wrong to bone my GF after her marriage?

We are high school swthrts. She got married 5 months ago but she has not been able to move along. We decided to end our relationship after marriage but she did not want it. We have been discreetly having sex every two times a week. Her husband does not stay home for days usually due to work commitments. I dont know if its wrong. Plz suggest.

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a week ago
Why do I keep getting absurd sex-related ads on Google??

I am surprised by the number of stupid ads I see when I browse a website... any website. they are generally good but i see so many vulgar ads from Google. Why is Google promoting them??

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2 w ago
If you are to make love, do it loyally

Just a tip for the younger generation here: go slow if you want enjoy the journey. Why i say this? It is because the newer generation is more propelled by Quickies.

A lot of new tv shows show students having quick sex in classrooms, dorms and bathrooms. WOrse, the new gen viewers consider this to be the true form of sex - do it quick. Unfortunately, this mentality of their gets deep rooted even after they get married. Most guys do not even know how to have sex for at least 10 mins.

Guys, save yourself. Learn to have sex properly. Go slow. Slowly build up the sexual tension before pushing it in. This wil not only raise your partner's sexual temper but also help you last long in bed. And, please, save those quickies for EMERGENCY SITUATIONS only!

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a month ago
What I Learned Having Sex as a Young Woman in Pak*stan

Pak*stan is an Islamic Republic with the highest porn-watching population in the world. That statement in and of itself signifies a particular aspect about Pak*stani culture: we are horny and desperate for sex, but God forbid we actually engage in it. Sex in Pak*stan is considered a taboo topic. Men generally aren't judged for it in our patriarchal society but if a woman from a middle-class family or underprivileged background is caught having premarital sex, serious sh*t goes down.

Women from poorer backgrounds could be victims of various forms of premarital punishment. Punishing women for premarital sex started with former President Zia-ul-Haq's dictatorship or "Islamization," which incorporated Zina (stoning to death), and Hudood (punishments such as whipping, amputation, honor killing) into Pak*stani law. His government dismissed women's rape accusations, instead labelling them as fornicators and sending them to jail. These draconian forms of punishment are slowly dying out, but still linger in the mentalities of fundamentalists, imams, and police officers. Shariah Law can also be blamed for many gender discriminatory policies in Muslim societies, such as the lack of support for freedom of speech, women's rights, and, ultimately, human rights.

Even though I had engaged in sexual relations with almost a dozen people before coming to Canada for college in 2012, it wasn't something I was open about, and looking back I realize my sexuality was still pretty deeply repressed. Due to all these restrictions on us during the horniest years of our lives, in statistically the horniest country (see the above porn stats) in the world, we were forced to get creative during post-pubescent adolescence.

Achieving an orgasm was done in various ways, including but not limited to: having sex in a car with tinted windows and parked in the middle of nowhere; sneaking into my sexual partner's home in the middle of the night; sneaking into my partner's father's office, which happened to have a bedroom (WTF?). All this was done while making sure that no one in the house was on the prowl to notify my single father who would've freaked out (sorry, daddy). Hotel rooms were especially helpful. Islamabad, where I grew up, only has two hotels, one being the Marriott, at approximately $150-$200 a night—which, for a teenager who had to bear the brunt of the currency conversion, was a ridiculously high sum. But alas, in Pak*stan, even paying for a sexual sanctuary isn't enough. The person who booked the room (the guy) would have to go up first, while the other waited about fifteen minutes to ensure no one from the concierge or security caught on to the fact we were about to have wild, r*mpant pre-marital sex.

And then if you were caught, you had to deal with a sh*tstorm of rage. My aunt's boyfriend was beaten to a pulp by my grandfather to "protect her honor." And when my own parents found out about my own tryst, they threw a completely irrational and melodr*matic fit about how I was destroying my future and forbade me from ever speaking to the guy again (after notifying his parents and my school).

Attempting to embrace my sexuality through my clothing was impossible too, because I had to wear baggy, unflattering t-shirts that diverted attention away from the shape of my breasts.
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a month ago
Ruma is so so hot and very talented too

I have a confession....I really like Ruma..she is so hot and beautiful

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a month ago
I like Hina Rabbani, she is so smart

I like Hina Rabbani, she is so smart and she single?? :))))

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2 months ago
Feeling sleepy exhausted right now

I think I’m gonna try to take a nap.

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