Can't keep the phone down? here is the reason. Daily Drag
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As a girl born into this digital world it is unimaginable for me to live without internet, social media and mobile phones, I think most of us are like that. When I can’t find my phone I almost have this panic attack happening until I find it, I still remember that feeling because I was that stressed. It is so exciting to have billions of connections in this rectangle screen and whenever I feel bored I take this and just swipe and how satisfying it is!. This situation is known to be an addiction which almost every youngster will be having. That vibration we get if a 'like' is given to our post and excitement we feel is the result of release of dopamine.It is a chemical produced whenever we are motivated like when we take bite of a delicious food, after we exercise and after sex and also when we have successful social interaction. This social interaction is exactly what is happening while we are engaging in a social media. It is this release of dopamine that creates in us this urge to experience this excitement again and again. This dopamine centered working is not accidental, our social media creators are well aware of it and models the apps according to it. To say one example our Instagr*m app sometimes withhold the number of likes for our posts so when we are disappointed in the few likes it rewards us with a bu*sts of likes which obviously will release dopamine amount that will be a wh*le lot more. So in short our brains are just used by these corporate for their benefits. They will only work for their benefit so it is up to us to work for OUR benefit and control these usages so that this addiction is under control because our mental health is so fragile that we wouldn’t know when it is crumbling. I have decided to control my social media usage for good, I hope everyone understand the seriousness.

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