Candies that we used to eat while we were old, I wish they still reappeared somehow! Daily Drag
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These days, for chocolate days, or valentines, or when our guests visit us, we get subjected to dairy milk and tablerone and all those yummy enriched candies and chocolates right? And all of sudden I was just walking through an unknown street today and there was this half-broken down old shot and it had a "candyman" candy with various orange and mango flavors. I took one of it and damn! I remembered the taste! All of a sudden I was taken aback to my good old days.

Then I kept thinking of all the yum packets that are not that available. Well Lays and Kurkure are still there but I often miss the Uncle chips and Oyes (cocktail flavor especially). These are really rare and since I have shifted to kerala, nobody has even heard of OYES! like what!!!?? Then eclairs are all over the world but do you remember chocoliebe? and all the crazy tattoos and toys that used to be free. I also have this vivid memory of me hating the green jelly cups and embracing the red ones while both tasted absolutely the same hahaha and the kiss-me candy especially the rose-milk flavour. I miss the little elements that used to keep me so happy!

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