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Feeling low? Look out to at least a strand of grass and it will give you a wave of relief. We humans are just conditioned like that because of the centuries of mingling with trees and land we have this love for nature and green implanted in us. I am a person who loves gardening and my plants are like pets to me, at times I feel like they are even smiling at me. And all plants do smile at all of us just give them attention. Planting something, sowing seeds, looking at it as it grows and sprouts leaves finally reaching at the fruition stage or flowering stage it is almost like an ultimate accomplishment. The happiness and peace these creatures give us is immense. If you don’t have soil, so what?, these are ready to even grow inside our homes, it is like they want us to be happy and for us they grow anywhere. This century is a stress age, people without stress and disorders are hard to find and these people are in search of aids to get rid of stress. Gardening has proven to be a great stress reliever and the reasons are many. Growing something and looking at the results gives a sense of accomplishment which instills self satisfaction and confidence. It is not only the good results that we get while gardening there are a lot of difficulties and more than that unpredictability too; a plant that flowered today can die tomorrow. This gives us the space in our hearts for acceptance and realization that nothing is in our control. This also helps us move away from perfectionism and accept things as it is because plants have their own needs and it might not go with our plans. Gardening helps us stand firm in this ground that gives us food and ultimately take us to it too, it gives a primitive connection to our world. It will keep our mind safe from useless stress, and take the time away that we use to think unnecessarily, sometime it is this little things that will give more happiness than greater achievements.


Yes Gardening is one of the best thing we can do . It is good in both ways , Individual and social . It is good for environment, fresh air and it's also good for our inner peace . It gives us happiness. Planting a tree is so beneficial in today's times.
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