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Recently I came across an article that dealt with the fantasy like depiction of college and school life in bollywood. I have also grown up watching bollywood movies, even though I am a keralite and has seen many movies that depict real school life being a small girl I was always mesmerized by glossy, glamour school seen in bollywood and thought how nice would it be. I don’t know whether schools shown in films like student of the year really exists but for me it never had. Bollywood always seems to depict rich life as something very beautiful and good that it almost seemed to me that I was living a garbage kind of life worthy of no representation. My school days were not of parties and proms, it was group studies and stage plays, it was not of bikes and cars but of school buses and cycles. And there was never six pack guys but some skinny stupid boys and cat fighting girls. But still it was my heaven, I have never seen a serious love triangles like in student of the year but petty dr*mas of boys and some short lived romances, but I have seen huge circles of friendship and some annoying but influential teachers and many more golden memories. It was never glossy but it was real classy than the bollywood ones.

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