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In history we have seen revolutions that starts from small uprisings against the government and when the government continues ignoring the needs and protest of people there comes a time when people are enraged and swarm in huge numbers and take away the power form the higher ups by creating chaos – this can be a simple definition of what a break down is. We humans are extremely well at keep going on the same path or expectations for decades together- school, college, some job, marrying, keep earning etc. we are exceptional at surrendering to the external world. We can live as a perfect boy or girl without even crack or glitch outwards. But one day suddenly we break- everything starts losing meaning, we crawl away from the outside world, can no longer get out of bed, fall into a catatonic depression, develops social anxiety, stop eating, lose command on a part of our body, we are driven to extremely scandalous situations that is completely opposite to the person you are. We refuse to act by the usual rules, becomes paranoid in one area, have an affair or starts fighting with no reason, the effects are many.   

Breakdowns are hugely inconvenient uncomfortable and painful experience that people soon turn to heavy medication to the assumed madness and to get back on usual life but breakdowns have a purpose and meaning that is commonly not understood. Breakdown is not madness or malfunctioning, it is a bid for health, and it is an attempt of one part of our brain to force the other into growth, self-understanding and self-development – which we have avoided till then. It is way of healing through pain, jumpstarting a process of getting properly well. So by just medicalising breakdown we will miss the lesson behind it. it is not just the pain, along with pain comes a opportunity for learning. Breakdowns happen when we have not flexed our mind and heart for a long time. in busy life of meeting expectations of the outside world we have forgotten to communicate to ourselves and our mind when it was mostly need, this inattendance piles up and there develops a part in our mind that need an outlet or expression, it is this inner self that was bottled up that bursts out by giving us a breakdown. Breakdown is our mind telling us that things should change, break out from the blindness or else in extreme cases our mind might choose death if not change which is chronic mental stress. We must heed to the wants our inner self and choose to listen to it rather than playing along with the melodrama of breakdown, since our conscious mind is always lazy and looks for comfortable bubbles we must teach it to pay attention to our true emotions to which we have continuously turned our head from. A good mental physician tries hard to tune us into this voice of our inner self which is a plea for more time for ourselves, for a closer relationship, for a fulfilled way of being, or acceptance of who we really are sexually. Breakdown is a crisis that has an appetite for growth which it had been kept away from. during breakdown we may get confused that we are mad but we are not, it is just a surface agitation that is severe which has beneath it a logical search for health, it is not during breakdown that we have fallen ill, we were already ill and breakdown is a signal for us  to realize our illness. so if we respond to the painful call of breakdown it can be our way out of a toxic life into a meaningful and fulfilled life ahead. Not everything painful is bad, just survive it courageously.


Nabeela Rasheed

Posted : 3 months ago

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