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We all go through various emotions throughout our lives, it can be sad as well as happy or at times it can be depressing, it is just the way human lives are. But these emotions are meant to be expressed because our mind is like a balloon that may burst if filled up with the unexpressed emotions. Every human being has to face sufferings in their lives, the intensity and severity of sufferings may vary but the emotional repercussions of these sufferings are almost the same. what matters is the way humans face these sufferings, some may be strong enough while others won’t be able to bear it, some may relieve their burden by sharing while others may be not comfortable in sharing their sufferings. there may be various reasons on why some people tend to close their hearts from everyone and bear the pains alone but if these bottling up reaches an extent where it may burst out and start to negatively affect our day to day lives, so it is necessary that we know when we have reached this stage, these are some signs to recognize it.

1.       You are completely composed in your sufferings but erupt over small issues – it is said that when we don’t let our emotions out at the right moment it tend burst at inappropriate or silly events. This can be a sign of deeper, more troubled suppressed emotions in your relationship or personal life. Studies show that bottling up of emotions can turn a person to be emotionally aggressive.

2.       You distract yourself from uneasy emotions- avoidance is a popular sign of suppression or deviation of focus, people turn to self destructive habits like drinking and smoking or overtime watching of television and unattended scrolling on social media, playing video games or over sleeping to avoid thinking about how you feel.

3.       you are unsure of what you really are- you may be an outgoing person in front of others while you may be exhausted and dull in private, this can lead to the belief that no one really knows you and may feel lonely and can even lead you to being unsure of who you really are yourself.

4.       Feeling uncomfortable around emotional people- if we have a belief that crying or screaming is embarrassing we might get uncomfortable around highly emotional people since we may not know how to react or console the other person particularly when we ourselves have a stigma towards emotions.

5.       Experiencing life as an outsider- even when with happy and enjoying people around we might find it difficult to engage in happiness completely and feel like an outsider. By not expressing emotions we distance ourselves from the emotions that we feel, not only pain and anger but also happiness and joy. The bottled up emotions invade our other emotions too.

6.       You avoid facing the troubles and never search for the cause of your distress- the emotions can be varied, feeling helpless over life, inability to think deeply about what you feel. Or to talk to others on how they upset us. bottling up doesn’t mean you won’t feel emotions, we instead of finding the cause of the negativity make ourselves numb to it and avoid confronting it.

We must not fear our emotions, they exist for a reason. It is just a sign that something is wrong and needs fixing. humans are made to feel these emotions and sharing them is nothing to be ashamed of, since we are social beings some things are meant to be shared, it is not necessary that we say it to everybody but should share it with few trusted people. itcan not lead to much solution but letting out emotions is a cleansing process that every one requires.


Nabeela Rasheed

Posted : 4 months ago

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