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Ever since I reached my college age one thing that I have noticed is that I don’t have time for anything, I don’t do anything but still, I didn’t have time, it is said that this happens not because there is not enough time but because we lose so much of it and we don’t even realize it. We might have goals which we would like to achieve but we sit idle and only worry about it instead of working on it and then worry about this sedentary behaviour of ours and get stressed but still we don’t start working. Well if you are one of such person don’t be so disappointed because you have millions of friends.

There might be people who don’t even realize that they are being sedentary. Sedentary behaviour is the time spent doing nothing- watching TV but not focusing on it, random browsing, scrolling through things without any need, too much thinking before taking action, doing something unnecessary just before beginning to do something productive-all these are some examples of sedentary behaviour.

 It is said that 80% of youth are being more sedentary and some of the reasons are increased vehicular transportation where for even going to close places people go in vehicles, academic stress like exam preparations, increased cell phone use, television, and other streaming technologies or college lifestyle. This sedentary lifestyle is seen as the emerging reason for many life style diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and even cancer. Sitting idle also leads to overthinking which also eventually lead to mental illnesses like anxiety, depression which is now recognized as leading to illnesses and disability in the millennial. This is not our fault our lifestyle has been made into such by technologies and eventual progression in human innovations but this cannot be a reason to continue our sedentary behaviour because we must take care of ourselves. Few things that is proven to decrease the sedentary behaviour are:

Physical Exercise: the opposite of being idle is moving around, this can be any kind of exercise, may be workouts or just walking, doing physical chores, we should take care not to sit simply for longer duration.

Prepare goals and rediscover passion: prepare the goals you want to accomplish and write it down and share it with your friends because when you write or share your goals your ego pushes you to work for it at least to prove it to your friends. recognize your passions and satisfy your inner peace by doing what you love.

Be patient: whenever I realize that I am being sedentary I do get up and work but become impatient for results which will again lead to me being disappointed. Being impatient leads to anxiety so we should be patient and work towards our goal slowly but with progressions.

Self soothe: teach ourselves that these feelings are only temporary just work on it and we can overcome it, we know ourselves so do whatever to soothe yourself.

Sedentary is no chronic behaviour issue but if left unnoticed it can reach that intensity, if there are people who are not able to get out of this habit even after doing these tips don’t feel ashamed in taking a therapy, it is for your own good, don’t you want stop being envious of others and start achieving our dreams? then focus on yourself and work to be active and perky all the time.


Nabeela Rasheed

Posted : 3 weeks ago

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