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COVID-19 has knocked 2020 down. The confetti spread on the New Year’s Eve didn’t bring much comfort this year.

However, COVID-19 isn’t the only life-threatening disease people are suffering from. There are patients locked inside suffering from equally fatal illnesses. If you are someone or knows someone who could use some comfort in these trying times, then this article is for you:

1. Keep your doctors, nurses, medical providers, caretakers and support system updated

These heroic people in your life are the reason why the battle against any disease is worth winning. As you’re well aware of the condition in the hospitals, you should make an extra effort to prepare yourself for ER-trip or even a regular trip to the hospital ahead of time.

Also, inform how your health keeping to your caretaking team including a home nurse or family members so they are ready to take you to the hospital without risking their own life.

2. Talk- Talk- Talk

Lockdown is an isolating period which adds a bundle to stress to anyone. Whether you’re recommended a bed-rest or house-arrest by the doctors, never let your social side feel deserted.

Call friends, arrange little parties with family or simply vent to someone online. You deserve people and they’ll only provide you with more strength.

3. Arrange your Ammunition

A patient’s ammunition is their medical supplies and medicines. If you’re well prepared then no contingency can hamper your peace.

Also, keep contacts ready who can run through the essential items for you any time required. Avoid exposing yourself to the risk of virus.

4. Connect with people going through the same

Forming an online community of people who are going through the same as you are will help you to feel better. You can not only encourage each other but also potentially learn from the person going through worse.

“There’s a power in togetherness.”

5. Puncture the bubble of depression

If you’re terminally ill or fighting with a life-threatening disease, the treatment might take up your inner strength. It is normal to feel like giving up. Every day and after every procedure, the exhaustion might seed in worse than earlier.

This doesn’t mean you are alone. Go to the place to vent online and keep posting your thoughts and emotions as raw and vulnerable as it is. You will find the courage from strangers. You will find hope which will drag you from one end to another.

Depression is a side-affect of such journeys. So, let’s embrace them and work towards the brighter sunny side.

To the warrior in you:

Look out for the silver lining and love yourself a little more. You’re not alone and this is the place to find ample positivity. You can conquer this. You have it in you. Stay safe!

Posted : a month ago

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