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Let’s talk about it, guys. We know your single friends are probably teasing you for all the right (wink) reasons. But then your married friends must be telling you, “Wait for a few more years”. And as your Mehendi is already fading and you’re getting used to his and her closet every day, there are numerous other struggles that you must be dealing with. And maybe all you want to do is- JUST VENT!

This blog is going to talk about all the unsaid situations you must be living through. You better keep on reading it to the last word because- Oh boy! Nothing’s better than someone understanding what you’re going through right now.

Here are the 5 Great Struggles:

1. They are always on your face

There’s simply no personal space at all. The sweet messages- “Can’t wait to wake up to your beautiful face” is just too overrated sometimes. They are everywhere you see, go and sit in the house. The mushy love story is probably too much sugar in tea.

As you grow older, you start to respect personal space more. Hence, earlier you understand, healthier the relationship gets. Checking their phones, invading their digital privacy, keeping a note of where they are, with whom, what they’re doing- not cute.

Just practice- let it go- now and then. It’s going to be difficult but worth it.

2. The F- Word

It’s a bomb conversation when you’ve to discuss the “Finances!” Now is the time when you might have to plan a joint account, understand & do taxes and manage your expenses together. Yes- it calls for a lot of disagreements.

The tip- Use a professional hand or an experienced couple to help you figure out how to make it work. Finances are truly ‘Make & Break’ and hence, it requires your attention as soon as your honeymoon break is over.

3. The performance pressure

Let’s be real. You might and might not be the first-timers but the pressure of pleasing the person is high on your shoulders. Not a lot of people consider this conversation as ‘an outside-the-bedroom’ conversation but seeking help is again not bad advice.

The truth is- you’re in this marriage for a longer time (lifetime). To make your sex life interesting and enjoyable for both of you, a few compromises are needed to be made. Needless to say, your intimate relationship needs time, efforts, open talks, respect and ample love. Keep expectations low and learning attitude high for a few months.

4. Debates on Knitty Gritty

Marriages can get overwhelming for newlyweds. They are learning to adapt to this new lifestyle. And between the times when you disagree to agree, you have debates.

It’s okay to argue but it is also important for both of you to empty these negative emotions. Utilize the opportunity to vent online on anonymous posting board. This ensures that no one judges about your problems, and you can rest your worries away. The brilliance of this idea is to find supportive strangers who will bring out the best person in you.

5. The Chores Cheat

It is a blessing if both of you are equally responsible and cleanliness lovers. Doing home chores will be a piece of cake for you both. However, it’s rare. Mostly, one of you will always end up doing more.

Divide and Do- this is the only way to resolve this matter. Once married, you have no other way but to act like an adult. Whether you’re in a big family or you’re a nuclear fam, you should discuss at length about your responsibilities. Divide your roles roughly and make sure, they are equal. The most important adjustment will be to not nag when someone fails to do a task they are supposed to do.

Hey, don’t forget- you’re a team. Pick up your partner and go about the task with them like do the laundry together, wash the dishes together or simply go for grocery shopping together.

The Bonus Advice:

Marriage is a bowl of soup. You get everything in there. You might not like broccoli or carrots in it but holistically, it’s healthy and good. Try to take struggles with an optimistic approach of making it work for both of you and you’ll see the best days of your life together.

Posted : 2 weeks ago

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