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“For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.” - Kahlil Gibran

The season of life has brought many sorrowful mishaps around the world. We’re living a historic event in the human race. People will write books about these times and learn to mitigate problems of tomorrow based on our expertise today.

This pandemic is much more than it looks to us. It is a shadow of death that lingers around the corner and yet, we are living our lives just as normal as we possibly could.

This is a clear indication of why death is a part of us. Nothing more or less than life itself. However, as emotional beings, we all mourn the death of our loved ones. But it’s difficult to just vent how we feel when someone close to our heart crosses the rainbow bridge.

When Bollywood fraternity lost Irrfan Khan, we all felt a personal loss. Next day, we heard the passing of Rishi Kapoor, a heartthrob actor who ruled the hearts of millions. Very recently, the voice of Wajid Khan became immortal even if he remains no more. The country sobbed. There were also loss of migrants’ lives, people losing battles to cancers, organ failures, accidents, suicides or natural deaths and more. Death has become an inevitable discussion at every coffee discussion.

However, it takes a toll on our mental health. As a family member, you might want to hold on to them a little longer, say a few good words or just share the silence as they pass away. But lockdown has impacted those moments as well. Worse is for people who are losing their battles from COVID-19 as the family members are not even allowed to touch them for one last time.

This is why some positive affirmations are important more than ever. Overcoming the loss of a dear one can never be easy. But these gloomy days are making the grieving process harder. If you’ve been through an unfortunate event, remember:

  1. You have a place to vent.
  2. You’re surrounded by people who love you.
  3. Death is a part of living a complete life.
  4. The deceased loved one will only see you smiling, laughing & making silly jokes.
  5. Find your purpose in living for others and love yourself more through the good that you do.
  6. Honour the full life that your loved one lived while they were between us.
  7. Pray for their peace and happy after-life journey.
  8. Never let isolation seed in and if it does- vent to someone online.
  9. Do things which you used to love and live the memories of that passed soul.
  10.  Make more phone calls and keep a note of how others are dealing with the loss.
  11.  Don’t push away the grieving as it only piles up until you lose the patience.
  12.  Fix the closet, check out photographs, arrange gifts and belongings that remind you of them.
  13.  Write down the positive lessons, quotes and learnings from their life to pass on to others.
  14.  Take out some time from work so you can heal better.
  15.  Lastly, resume life as nothing stops until your last breath.

This isn’t the ideal time to remain all positive but if you’re taking one step at a time, you’re going towards a better place.


Posted : 4 weeks ago

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