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“61% of Indians face Mental Health Challenges during the lockdown.”

The numbers are staggering because it makes 846 million of us going through a hard time adjusting ourselves to the new normal. After the latest news, people will have to bear the pain for as long as June 30.

Let’s look straight into the eyes of the problem and figure the type of mental health challenges we must be facing:

  1. Forgetfulness

“Umm... What? What was I saying? Oh, Hey… Wait. I forgot! What’s that word...It’s right on my lips... Can’t remember”

Are these terms coming out way too often these days? Don’t worry, there are people in the same boat as you are. The short attention span of this generation has never been shorter. With the increased use of social media and high consumption of data over the Internet, we are losing out on the attentiveness. This is causing us to forget things more often.

From writing down the important things to meditate, this is the time to shift your energies into enforcing a better retaining mental prowess.

1. Anxiety

We all have been in this phase. Anxiety and panic attack don’t need trigger buttons anymore. We might not be doing anything and shortness of breath might make us think if we’re hit by the virus? This hypersensitive nervous system is a cause of what 2020 has been all about. To overcome such situation, always listen to the internal call- “I need to Vent”. You’re sure to find comfort in people who understand on similar ground.

2. Wrath, Anger & Frustration

Worldwide, there’s an alarming increase in the number of domestic violence cases registered during the lockdown. If you find to control your raging emotions, it’s better to turn your head towards an anonymous posting board. It doesn’t judge you. You’ll be easily able to just vent about what’s causing you stress. You must know, that the other person in your house is as much as troubled staying caught up in the walls of the house as you are.

3. OCD

This is the worst time for anyone who is casually termed as “Control Freak”. You might be at a different level of Obsessive Compulsion Disorder but due to the lockdown, this could have only intensified. Do you find yourself cleaning more? Are you not able to overlook dirty dishes in the sink? Are you easily irritated by someone not bathing every day? Does the home chaos bug you down?

These are the situation where you would like to have control over. Remember, when these urges develop, find a notepad and start writing them down. Try to talk it out with our family. Make sure, you keep your mind busier.

4. Lethargy

Wondering why the body aches when all you did was lay on a couch rolled up into a blanket watching Netflix all day? Does your brain signals that you’re tired after a few hours of sleep? These are some common lethargy symptoms. Your brain is conditioned to this lousy lifestyle.

Prepare yourself for the world again. The lockdown isn’t forever. The post-lockdown phase shall wither you down if you’re not fighting this lethargy now.

Don’t miss to read some interesting ways to invest your time and energy on the websites to vent to strangers.

The best way to deal with mental health challenges is- Acknowledge, Work and Overcome.

Posted : a month ago

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