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Meditation has been in high demand since its benefits have been known to the larger world. We know that it gives peace of mind, relieves stress, gives concentration, it’s the best way to start our day, it gives a positivity, it’s good for our heart and body as a whole. But like other workouts those are done for our body, the difference of meditation is that, it is an exercise for our brains too. What we usually don’t know about meditation is that, with improving our metabolism, it also improves our outer metabolism with the world and help us to maintain healthy relationships too. We are people who have various relationships, with parents, as parents, as a lover, as a worker/boss, as a neighbour, even as a regular customer at a coffee shop. But it might not be very happy relationships, our parents might have become distant, our neighbour might be loud and nosy, our child must be lazy, our client must be irritating, our bosses can be a stress giver, and our partner might not understand us, we are surrounded by relationship problems. And we might question that how some deep breaths and body movements can solve these relation problems, surprising right? Well it is a fact. The core of all the relationship problems are our expectations and concept about the other person,

·         Meditation helps to deviate our mind from these concepts and make us realize that it is just constructs of our mind. We get a clear picture of how our mind works and so we have clearer perspective of the situations. By letting go of these misconceptions our mind can be opened up a lot to accept the other person as they are and not as what we want them to be.

·         We get this renewed connection with our own qualities and compassion which help us love the other person with more genuinely because we are satisfied with ourselves since we stop to search the qualities that we want from outside and find it in ourselves. And we are complete in ourselves which takes away the element of dependency and relieves our partner from great stress.

·         since all meditation is slow and smooth rhythmic movements we internalize this softness in to our minds too, so we are not prone to our spontaneous reactions like stress, fear and anger and we learn to get rid of them easily because we have control of our minds and have more idea on how our emotions work (instead of avoiding them, we face them alone) , have the remote to control our outbursts and have a very conscious way of responding to things without giving our emotions the dominion over our decisions. It is very usual that we pour out our anger and stress to our close ones like our children and partner, this can be avoided through meditation and thereby can have a smooth relation.

·         The peace that we get from meditations is converted to broader perspectives- kindness and empathy- all of which are the pillars of a good relationship. We can develop the ability to understand other person more deeply while not giving up our own perspectives, so we understand clearly when the other person is distressed or whether they are playing with our minds. We get this beautiful balance of putting ourselves in other’s shoes while keeping our ground firm in our beliefs.

·         When mediation is done regularly we get the technicality of our brains – why we are feeling in a certain way, what our thoughts are- and rewire our brains to self-knowing. This helps in not getting lost in a relation and being vulnerable to situation and people.

·         When we know ourselves, we will have this feeling- what will be good to us and others and what will hurt other person (because we already have learned to ‘Listen’ to other) , our insights are deepened which gives a wider intellect which help us take better decisions , what to say- when to say kind of knowledge, and how to act during certain circumstances. Knowing our surroundings and situations and acting accordingly can benefit in every relation be it personal or professional. Dealing with better decisions also mean having better morality, knowing others and not just yourself, learning to talk instead of reacting, knowing what to say to convince and make others comprehend our ideas.

In these manner meditation helps a human continue their relationships in the most healthy way that is proven by scientists. What we should realize is that basically meditation helps us to know ourselves which eventually leads to understanding others and power to focus on what we want when we want . We rule our life not our ego. Getting rid our ego is the best possible way of reaching an accomplished life. This is a gift we get from meditation


Nabeela Rasheed

Posted : 3 weeks ago

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