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Oh God!! I messed it up again just like it always does and now I need somebody to clear this mess for me just as they always do. Do you all mess up too?

Life throws So many different situations on us; some positive while some are challenging. Positive situations get solved within a blink of an eye but what about the challenging one? It is always a whole lot of story.

Every situation is different from one another and every person handling these situations is different from one another. Some people have the strongest willpower and courage and will quickly move on but there are some who will fight silently every minute of the day without even recognizing it. These situations are a whole lot of drama and are very long and challenging one's. We find it difficult because mostly after one certain point we just don't have courage and we're willing to give up the situation. It may be solved easily but for some they need time to accept what is going on. Your brain may have accepted it but your heart which is very sensitive takes time. The trauma of the situation is so heavy and dramatic that it puts you in a completely different zone. It leads to several problems like insomnia, anxiety,etc. After some time it starts becoming so hard on us that we start forgetting who we actually are. The impact is so heavy that we try to run or ignore the situation. We are no more willing to clear the mess or at least get over it. In these sensitive situations we need our loved ones to babysit us or pamper us. We try craving for attention, acceptance of the ones who mean a lot to us. Mainly, in all this, we start to physc our brain that only those specific people know me and only they will help me throughout this. But we actually forget the most highlighted person in our life since birth who knows us perfectly inside out is us. Yes for sure there are a specific bunch of people who know us but not that perfectly like we know us because every second of the day we are with us which they might not be next to us at some minute of the day.

Clearly I would like to say that “It's okay to not be okay” but just don't leave your own side. Be with people, care for them, hang out with them but don't forget to care and remove some of your precious time for yourself too. It's the most genuine and precious time you will always crave for. And if you fail to take care, motivate, pamper yourself how will you be able to do that for others? Always remember you may take care of people around you but it will be given 100% justice and acceptance only when you have experienced it yourself. It's totally fine to be in these challenging situations but don't let them burden you. Let's have some twists with our expectations. Try being there for yourself whenever you need it. Pamper and care for yourself just as you do for everyone. Start engaging yourself in things which you love to do and which will keep you calm, fresh, positive, courageous and happy. Situations will fade when the time is perfect but don't let your will power, self respect and courage fade with it. The care and respect you provide yourself is definitely worth everything.


Srushti Chuttar

Posted : 3 weeks ago

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