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Do you fear that the moment you spend laughing, a few tears are waiting for you afterwards?

It is one of the most common perceptions people have around happiness. It is considered to be a short-lived emotion that will be accompanied by some negative emotions. People fear laughing loud. Mothers are worried about their children’s health as evil’s eye might destroy them. And what not?

Scientifically, it’s true that time is constantly changing. Musically, we’ve songs around ‘neither the happiness stays for long nor the sadness’. Many saints teach us the importance of having a bad day to feel the worth of a good day.

So, it’s a proven fact, Happiness will always be accompanied by sadness. During the low phase, it’s right to just vent your feelings. And that is one of the secrets to maintain a happy state for long.

Nevertheless, here are some of the ways you can make sure the season of laughter and contentment continues:

1. Focus- Positivity

Simply, channel your energies into the positive zone. Focusing on what’s good in everyone and every situation, you’ll realise that you’ve trained yourself to be an optimistic person.

“Be content with what you have. Rejoice in how things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking the whole world belongs to you.” –Lao Tzu

2. Document your feelings

You can write a journal but it’s 2020 and we’re all about technology. Hence, the anonymous venting website becomes a good way to put your feelings into words. Nothing else feels better but when you realise you can deal with your problems. This wisdom you gain when you spell out your problems.

3. Acceptation of whatever, whenever and however life is

You might struggle with the thought of “why me” every time a difficult situation strikes you down. Quite human. However, do question yourself- “Are you letting the problem linger more than it should?” If yes, then it’s time you remind yourself- “MOVE ON!”

Sometimes, the only way to deal with a difficult situation is to go through it. Having a troubled working life? Resign for your mental peace. Aren’t enjoying your relationship? Confront and work towards it. Dealing with the financial burden? Talk it out with the right people and seek professional help to manage.

The truth is- Every problem has a solution. Just look out for it.

4. Spend Time & Energy Wisely

There are times people complain about how they were in an 8-year long relationship but they still had a fallout. They complain about wasting almost a decade after a person who never loved them back as much. Happy times now seem to be a lie.

Which is why you need to regularly introspect- “Are you happy?” Are you contented?” If the ultimate answer is yes. Then Bingo!

If you’re struggling to answer then it is the right time to make difficult choices. Your time and energy should be utilized and invested correctly. Keep on questioning yourself to understand your soul better.

5. Simply be there for yourself

Do you like shopping? Go for it. Do you want to grab a quick drink with your best friend after office? Plan a date. Need to rewind & reconnect? Vacation should help.

The moral is to do something which makes you happy. Cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself.

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Posted : 4 weeks ago

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