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Whopping attention of 120 million Indians in a short span, Tiktok was a sure hit in the market. But short-lived the fame of this Chinese app. At the beginning of June, Tiktok’s ratings dropped to 2 stars on Google Play as soon Indians started to call for a ban. Neither did they know, the Indian Government will find this mobile application spying or seriously compromising with the identity of its citizens.

29th June 2020: TIKTOK and 58 other Chinese apps banned in India.

Now, what should you do? How does the Indian market plan to cope up?

It’s time for our citizens to look into the mobile applications and digital transformation platform which are “Made in India”. Yes, however unbelievable it may sound but India has always been ready to fight with these competitive Chinese businesses. In fact, now that Indians have a void to fill, this is the right time for native apps to come up, advertise and spread the awareness.

In an attempt to do so, VentAllOut wants to once and for all put a mark on its audience’s mind:

1.100% True Indian by Heart & Soul

We know it takes a lot of time to build your trust in a mobile application. A social media platform has now become a part of life. Hence, its authenticity and value it departs on the audience matter the most to us. Our backend team and our services are all & all for Indians because we believe the goodwill begins from our home.

2. Available in many Indian Languages

When you want to vent to someone online, the language shouldn’t be a barrier. To make our platform effective in every corner of the country, the multilingual option is available.

3. Spreads Joy & Removes Sadness

We have almost 64% of Tiktok users from the age group of 16-24 years. This is the same age group where the depression, stress and anxiety are increasing constantly. Do you think we can have a productive generation if the youth is dealing with severe mental illness? No!

We absolutely understand that you can’t replace an old friend with a new one. But you can make space for the new friend to help you heal. VentAllOut is for everyone who deals with some or other kind of mental health problems. We want you to share your joys and happiness as much as we hope you to share your negative emotions.

By daily online venting, you will see a significant change in your happiness meter. You’ll feel lighter and heard. That’s the goal.

4. Vent and Earn

Trust us, if someone would have told us a few years back that you can earn by simply sharing what you feel, we would have ridiculed the idea at sight. But who knew, it is possible. And voila! This is the only chance to vent out and earn yourself some good gratification. We’re simply proud of you and this is a celebration of you enjoying life.


Remove that spying app now!

Welcome to the world of VentAllOut.

We couldn’t be merrier to share this opportunity to grow our family. Come on India, let’s show them the power of India’s social media platform which is one-of-a-kind.

Posted : a month ago

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