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Office Politics is a draining activity that drowns you in the never-ending frustration. Have you ever felt that you are stuck in boiling waters just because someone else used the situation for their benefit? Are you an easy target for the hawk-eyed mean colleagues? Are you often played by politics and think why can’t you be like them? Let’s just vent out our frustration over this hot topic today and learn how to win from these seemingly negative situations.

1. Choose your circle of influence carefully

When you’re working in a team, it is usually impossible to avoid people at work. Whether you like them or not, you are bound to talk to them. However, it’s a common saying that for people to play the mean-card, “Lunch Hour” is the best time.

Hence, you need to find people who aren’t directly or indirectly working with you to avoid the spillage of “tea” so that it can not be used against you later on.

2. Gossip gang knows everything

Try not to get involved in conversations which are more from the place of jealousy than facts. If you’re a part of a gossip gang, try to play a passive player. People who talk at the back of others will eventually talk at your back too. Also, these people need not know the reality because they enjoy fabricating stories and feeding it to the ears.

3. Keep work communication over the mails

If you’re not a blind-follower of email communication then this is the right time to practice it for good. Verbal meetings are never a good idea for smooth working. Emphasize on putting everything over the mail so if you’re called for misconduct, you can prove the management that you aren’t a part of it. Trust us, mails are the saviours!

4. Listen More, Speak Less

Whether you’re a backend professional or a frontend expert, your work communication needs to stay till the bay. And in case, someone comes to you with their grievances, keep it to yourself. You can’t trust another ear to follow strict adherence to your plea- “Please don’t tell it to anybody”.

5. Don’t get too personal

You stay with your colleagues more than you stay with your family and friends You’ve more to talk about with them than the other people in your life. It’s obvious to make friends in the workplace. However, there’s a thin line between getting personal with your colleagues. This line is important not to be breached in order to keep a healthy relationship at the office. The reason being if anything goes wrong in your personal life with this “colleague/friend”, the professional side will surely suffer. In case you’re bottled with frustration, it’s better to vent online anonymously.

6. It’s a competition after all

“Everything is fair in love and war.”

We all have heard this saying and sadly, some people follow it by heart. But this doesn’t mean you have to lose integrity to win. Sometimes, the best way to deal with such people in the office is to distance yourself as much as you can. Inform the HR head about your situation. And keep yourself ready if they backfire. Yes, dodging is a better plan of action.

The Conclusion:

Choose your workplace carefully. Keep a keen eye on who is planning to frame you in a faulty situation. And when you feel “I need to vent” come here for your daily mental stability. Nobody judges you at Vent All Out!

Posted : 4 weeks ago

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