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People struggling with addiction are always under the radar of falling back to old habits. When asked, “How did it start?”, the person would find it hard to describe their experience. That’s how confusing falling into addiction is!

If you’re simply curious or dealing with someone or yourself with some kind of addiction, this article is a fresh perspective on the topic- Fighting Addiction.

To quit an addicting habit which has evolved over the years requires quite some steps which are broadly defined as:

1. Knowing Your Tolerance Levels

The beginning of any kind of addiction involves undermining your permissible limits. You tend to hold the thought of being in control and even before you realise, you are addicted. It occurs faster if it’s substance abuse.

2. Understanding Your Withdrawal Symptoms

Once you’ve been acquitted of being addicted then you’re most likely to work on them. And it’s going to be the most difficult phase. The withdrawal brings you a lot of physical and psychological effects. The absence of ‘feel-good’ hormones will startle you with constant irritation, improper sleeping and eating patterns, anxiety attacks, body shivers, fever or stomach upset.

Look out for your symptoms and probably, write about them on a venting website to stay self-aware.

3. Put Coping Strategy in Place Before Quitting

It is extremely important to stay away from making big promises or to enter extremities. All you need is a plan to work on. Steady progress, no matter how small they seem, will add to your final goal.

Have your partner, family and psychiatrist on your team. Let them control your medication if you’re prescribed for. Also, have them accompany you for a run to a park, to meditation and yoga centre or become your ear to just vent your feelings.

4. Deal with Guilt & Avoid Justification

You know something is wrong with you and you need to fix it. For the patient of depression or addiction, it is easy to fall into the thought process of being a dependent or a burden on their loved ones.

This is where the problem begins and you need to stay very far away from it. Keep the feeling of guilt under control. This could potentially harm your progress by putting you in a back gear. You can lose the focus easily.

The truth is, people who stand by you realise the number of efforts you’re putting in to fight the demons.

They truly adore and get inspired by your feat every single day. It’s about choosing the perspective in life.

“When you can’t believe in the good in you, do yourself a favour by listening to what your loved ones are telling you every day. Borrow their glasses to view yourself and maybe you’ll fall in love with yourself.”

Also, on the other hand, you need to stop justifying yourself as to why you deserve to flow the abusive relationship with yourself. You are special. You are important to many in your life. There’s always at least one person looking up to you.

What do you take with yourself today?

Addiction isn’t a choice you make. It is the many-many choices you made which made you sick today. It’s okay to be treated like a patient. Accept the reality and wake towards a brighter future.

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Posted : 4 weeks ago

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