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Euphoria is the excitement you get from incredible events like scoring a high mark, sharing an intimate experience, a roller coaster ride or physical activity like downhill skiing. This is the moment that is between reality and dream, where we experience only that moment even forgetting our physical existence. It is the utmost peak of happiness and satisfaction, it is a feeling that humans get at certain moments of their lives that in most cases we keep in our precious memories, but euphoria can get unhealthy when this feeling is induced using outside elements like drugs, this is a word we always hear from drug users as they have experienced it, the ecstasy they experience while using drugs. It is this euphoria that drugs users get addicted to and it is for this that they, again and again, turn to drugs, but the continuous triggering of euphoria leads to us losing the ability to enjoy it or our body tries to hold its chemicals as it is not programmed to nonstop release of this feeling which leads to the condition where we no longer feel this ecstasy and even drugs won’t be able to help it and we reach a dead end and see the beginning of our world crumbling apart because of this drugs. But what we should realize is that euphoria is not something unattainable without the use of drugs, it can happen naturally and this natural occurence of euphoria is exactly why people are living for. But for this happiness to come our way or to meet this feeling intermittently in your life we have to open up and do some things which will ultimately make our lives happier and beautiful because Euphoria happens to us only when we do what we love, it is the reward for being ourselves and tasting the sweetness of this life, if we always brood upon our problems we will never get to Euphoria. Euphoria comes our way when we indulge in less self chatter, inner list making and task orientation instead we should turn our vision outwards seeking wonder. Here are some habits that can lead to intermittent Euphoria, the happiness that everyone is seeking.

·         Try to excite the people in our lives and savor the moment of their happiness, it can be our children, aged people or just someone passing by, but to give them a moment of wonder and excitement can sure enlighten us.

·         Stop dreaming and start to accomplish your dreams of witnessing whatever you love, it can be achieving something that you love or going places that you always wanted to see, check off your concerns and just go and do it

·         Try to enjoy everything with more depth, be it songs or concerts, events that you have great interests in, read books that suck you into them. Let it chill your body, you should be able to give yourselves some Goosebumps worthy moments.

·         Open your eyes and take in every detail of your usual surroundings sometimes, take in the shape of the tree, the colour of the flower, the smell of the breeze, and the smiles on strangers.

·         Try to take in the beauty of the naked nature, walk in the woods, fields and beach at night with no flashlight, there you are alone with the beauty of nature and it is something that rarely happens.

·         Do new things each day, maybe giving a kid a cookie, talking with aged people, buying a stranger a coffee. If privileged enough go for sports like snorkeling, tree climbing and similar things that you never have done.

·         Go back to memory lane and revisit the precious times and moments of euphoria through talks, reading old letters, picture albums. This can enhance our connectedness and bring back the bliss that we once had.

·         Take on a creative project that you love and start doing it. Go to public places and observe people and imagine their stories. If you get an opportunity go stargazing, sit at a lonely place just letting out all thoughts. Take the mindset of a 6 year old on a day and find happiness in the simplest of things, don’t over-think just relish the moments and create moments to relish.

Accumulating money for a comfortable life won’t give us the happiness to reach euphoria we must sometimes give priority to nature and people around us, know the value of this life, and the beauty of each moment. It is easier  to get euphoria via drugs but only to lose it forever but when you get it by actually acting on happy things and enjoying life as it is, we will always have euphoria in our lives, let’s all have this healthy euphoria


Nabeela Rasheed

Posted : 3 weeks ago

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