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Around the world, the talks about Pandemic and Pregnancy are doing rounds that new parents are not able to enjoy their time with newly born babies. Husbands or families are not able to accompany to-be-moms for Ultrasounds or delivery rooms due to safety reasons. To contain the spread of COVID, women have to carry on with their usual check-ups alone. The pregnancy is itself so challenging for mind, body and soul and addition of extra care makes you more stressed than ever. Do you often feel the need to vent all out?

It’s absolutely normal if so feel the buildup of emotions! But let’s be fair and honest today. There are secrets people don’t want to tell you in the beginning:

1. Eat For Two Is A Myth!

Yes, ladies. You might want to add more cheese on your pasta or gulp down an extra slice of pizza but the hard fact is- overeating during pregnancy is also a problem for later. Indian grannies might call you out with a butter layered Aloo Paratha and ask you to force yourself to eat for two people but science says- the baby is barely a football-sized human who doesn’t need that extra pizza or paratha. The weight you put on during pregnancy might take years or forever to come off. No offence if that’s okay with you but keeping yourself healthy and allowing “recommended weight gain” is a task you need to work on for holistically healthier body later.

2. Become Maternity Clothing & Style Icon Because...

Frustration rises the moment you struggle to fit into your previous clothes. The thing is- pregnancy changes your body and it changes for all the beautiful, strong and life-giving reasons. It’s a reason to be proud of. However, in a world which is insensitive towards plus-size bodies, women end up calling upon anxiety. Hence, comfortable yet stylish clothes will not only build your confidence up but end up giving you the best memories of these months.

And dare someone tells a new mum a thing about weight-loss- log in to this platform ladies and just vent online to feel light ASAP.

3. People Can’t Stop Rubbing Your Belly: “Aww… Look At You!”

It is creepy! You’re not wrong if you think you’re carrying a magnetic rather than a baby. Because folks get attracted to rubbing your belly without even taking permission. It’s not alright and you’re not rude by asking them to back off.

4. Loving Yourself Post-delivery Is Hard AF!

Postpartum depression is extremely difficult to deal with. You feel a moment of anxiety, losing your sanity, hating your body, wanting to escape the reality of diapers and whatnot. This doesn’t make you a bad mom. You went through something incredible and now you’ve to build yourself up again.

Talk about it as much as you can. Ask your partner to take more home chores responsibilities on a low day. Don’t force yourself to get up at times if you’re looking for rest and solitary. Allow time and love of the newborn to grow upon you. Sooner or later, you’ll come out of it but till then take one day at a time. And if you’re bottling up your emotions, we’re here as your anonymous place to vent online.

Moms, you’re precious and we want you to feel happy and healthy not only from outside but from inside too. We understand your struggles and the least we can do is to be a part of your journey. Happy to Help! :)

Posted : 2 weeks ago

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