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We all are working with two sides of the brain- one that feels and the other that thinks. And to confront the elephant in the room- Which one is more important? Let’s just say, both have important roles to play but Emotional Quotient gains more points over Intelligence Quotient. The only reason being that you can score high on IQ if you’ve access to a great source of knowledge and cultivating mental abilities but a high EQ comes more naturally and requires years of nurturing and strengthening of the little voice inside called intuition. Let’s read more about it!

What is Emotional Quotient?

Man is a social being. The journey of our ancestors began when man developed a sense of emotional control and expression as they practised perceiving feelings based on situations. You must have met or you may be the person in your group who is known to be a good listener. Good listeners don’t only hear out the problem when you need to vent to someone but they know what to say that could lift your load off. You might not end up with a solution after a conversation but you end up feeling good, optimistic or light-hearted.

With people having a great intuitive listening and control over their emotions are said to have a higher Emotional Quotient.

How does high EQ help you?

The benefits of having better emotional intelligence are:

1. You are self-aware

You don’t rely on external factors to lead your life rather you enjoy making decisions. You don’t compromise on things that bring you negative emotions. You just vent out in the most “non-harming” way possible.

2. You are empathetic

You do, think and feel keeping empathy as your guide. People around you, personal or professional, will feel comforted and welcomed every time. You gain the trust of people by being yourself. Empaths enjoy a great social life. When life or situations overwhelm them, they prefer to vent anonymously or confide in the closest person.

3. You have great social skills

If you have the support of people in your workforce or home, you will enjoy success in all spheres of life. That comes with having social skills that please folks around you.

How to improve EQ score?

Here are some ways to ensure you are nurturing your emotional intelligence:

1. Optimistic Communication

You don’t necessarily have to agree with others to impress them. It is how you put your opinion forward without belittling the other person. If you’re conscious of keeping their emotions on top, you’ll always end up discussing in an assertive manner without compromising your integrity.

2. Be Open for Conversation

Be welcoming to people as much as you can. Adorn a positive attitude towards life so that you attain a reputation as easy to approach and fun to talk with a friend. In fact, when you listen to people’s problems, you view life from their lens and learn the lessons they learnt through their struggles.

3. Use Leadership Skills Wisely

A good leader is the one that empathises but also presents decision making in tough situations. Taking opinions from your teammates will widen your understanding. However, in times of conflict within the team, you should be able to take a stand and add value to it by convincing the lot.

4. Keep Yourself Burden Free

It’s practically difficult to stay wary of stress from daily life. But if you can take out a few minutes from each day to relax your worried nerves, it’ll help you stay aware of your needs. For example, you must try websites to vent to strangers like Ventallout for releasing the negative energies and turning them into constructive energies.

The conclusion:

Emotional intelligence needs time and conscious attempts to reflect in your personalities. Allow the growth within you. It’s a project that goes on. Keep learning, every day.

Posted : 3 weeks ago

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