Common problems that millennials face and how they can be handled

Teens and millennials feel real concerns when they are going through a transitional phase of their lives. There are various doubts, concerns and challenges that make things difficult for them. The present world too, is not as easy to them as it was some decades ago. With the changing global way of living life and doing things, so much has become a problem for them. Here, we are highlighting these problems for people to know what all issues millennials of today are going through:   1. Debt The economic landscape has changed so much that to afford something that is more than your monthly income, you always and obviously need to take a loan or buy that thing on EMI. The debt trap that people face has no leaps and bounds.   2. Climate change With the growing concerns about climate and the changes man-made hazards are bringing in the world, there has been a lot of damage done and millennials are the eye witness of the same. They are going through a lot and it can only be controlled by little acts of saving the environment. One can always start by taking small steps and only then a difference will be made.   3. Social media With the growing need to make themselves available on social media, people are pressurised on how they portray themselves and where they stand in the rat race. Believe it or not, the social life that people have creates undue pressure in the peers and what they are actually doing. If you are someone who cannot take all these things up, you can share your feelings with someone. Maybe that will help you feel better. Or you can also vent anonymously and let out your feelings.   4. Unemployment The supply of learned individuals is much more than their demand in the current space. There are so many people who have graduated from such great colleges and universities but their demand is so less. People. Especially companies are willing to hire people on lower packages and then there comes a point where AI is also taking up various job opportunities from people.   5. Depression This is one of the most problematic things that people are facing in today’s world. The other surprising fact is that not many people are able to accept and make peace with the fact that they have depression. There is only one sure shot cure of depression and that is being able to accept it and work towards making things better each day. These problems and concerns if taken seriously can solve more than half of the misery of a millennial or a teenager. Let’s support being open about it all.      

2 months ago

Life changing habits that we all should follow each day

Most people tend to underestimate the power of what happens in a day or what changes can be brought into the life in a day. But, little do they realise that when we take a day as a step, it makes a lot of difference in the long run. Life is made up of several such days where you try to do new things, where you challenge yourself, where you make yourself understand the value a day can add. When we talk about life as a whole, there are various habits and steps that we take to improve the way we are, the way we live or the way life generally is. Here are some of the easy steps that all of us should follow everyday:   1. Preparing for the hours ahead. Every morning you ought to get ready, plan and contemplate how you expect to act that day. Try not to make things up along the way. Try not to be reactionary. Have an arrangement. Keep in mind: If you do the intense arranging in the first part of the day, nothing can happen during the day contrary to your expectation or too tough for you to handle. This little step towards making your day better will go a really long way and make you feel a bit better about your day.   2. Going for a walk with yourself. For quite a long time, masterminds have strolled numerous miles daily since they needed to, in light of the fact that they were exhausted, or because they needed to get away from the rotten urban communities they lived in. In the process they found a significant reaction: it cleared their psyches and helped them improve work. Experience nature. Take a break. In case you're excessively occupied, perform multiple tasks: Take a mobile call on the go. If these don't work out you should try taking sharing your feelings seriously. Share what you feel with your friends and family or just vent online. It will make you feel a whole lot better.   3. Read. Read. Read Get a book each day.  Peruse a couple of pages, read an entire book, however make a genuine and unending responsibility to perusing. Since there is such a great amount out there that you can profit by: Biographies. Little-known diamonds. Life-changers. Theory. The works of art. Personal growth. Books about war. Fiction. In any event, showcasing and business books. These will extend your point of view, help you with issues, give you motivation and let you be profited by the aggregated intelligence and learning of hundreds of years.   4. Saying thanks to all the good and bad that has happened in life.  Express profound gratitude to a delayed package and don't forget to say thanks. Why? For starters. it might have quite recently spared you from something far more awful. Show the world that you are appreciative pretty much of all the great and the terrible things that it has given to you. Ensure that individuals realize you are recognizing their endeavors. These small things might not mean anything to you now, but when you look at it after doing them consistently you will see what change they have brought to your lives.   

2 months ago

Signs that show you are utterly lonely as a person

These days most people complain about having too many friends but not even a single one of them are the ones that they can call at any time of the day. One of the salient symptoms of someone being lonely is the fact that they feel there is no one for them in this world. How different people respond to being alone and lonely is completely different than what they should be doing which is why it is important to understand if you are one of these people or not and actually act upon it. Here are some signs that show if you are lonely as a person: 1. You shop a lot It looks like shopping and loneliness are best friends. When you feel lonely you find ways to deliberately keep yourself busy or to have your brain running in all directions all the time. Most people, specifically women find that one slice of happiness, which ic pampering themselves or getting something materialistic in an attempt to feel less lonely which is where the shopping connection comes from. 2. You always binge watch This is again done to ensure that you are keeping yourself busy or occupied because the more you are not busy the more you end up thinking negative and that is where things start to go south.   3. You catch cold often Physical illness and catching cold comes from the fact that when you are emotionally weak, you also end up having a weak immune system. This is why you end up falling sick or ill more often when you are lonely.   4. You spend a lot of time on social media Often busy people don’t have time or surf or be there on their phone all the time. The social media bit comes from the point that you associate your loneliness with people and things and that is why you end up seeing them on the phone to make yourself feel better but this doesn’t work in the real world. In real world, you need to let out your true emotions and if you are looking for a place to do that, just vent on anonymous platforms that will not judge you or make you feel more lonely. You never know, you might just end up becoming friends with someone. The world always has its ways to surprise you.   5. Lonely people end up thinking that there is barrier between them and the entire world. If you are lonely, you end up thinking that the world is completely against you and no one will stand with you. You think that you are a separate entity altogether and so is everyone else. This is why you end up not talking or not turning up to meet people because you feel their absence or presence won’t make a change.    

2 months ago

Traits of an overthinker and how to deal with him/ her

Overthinking has no cause or reason, it does not come to you like an illness or show any symptoms; overthinking has no cause or cure. It just happens to be a state of mind that you find yourself in. There are various ways to find out if you are an overthinker or not, but before that, it is also imperative to know that it is okay to have an overthinking problem, but what is not okay is letting it cloud or overpower your judgements or the way you function as a person. It shouldn’t take your sanity away. Here are some traits that show if someone is an overthinker or not and how people should deal with them:   They relive embarrassing moments in their head and think of what could possibly go right in that moment. This is something that they do themselves most of the time because they are always looking for ways in which things could have been said or done. They have trouble sleeping because they will constantly think about stuff that has already happened. They will always have something on their mind which will affect them so much so that they don’t understand what to do. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is best to share it with someone or just vent out. Overthinkers spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about things that they have no or less control over. They always blame themselves for things that went wrong because they always think that they should have done something differently to avoid that. Word choice is always important when you are dealing with an  over thinker because they will always analyse every word that you are saying. They will always try to read between the lines and than time you cannot just say something or do something that you don’t necessarily mean. Overthinkers get easily overwhelmed. They understand and appreciate you going the extra mile for them. They will always appreciate the little things that you do for them. This is how their world is. Overthinkers need to be reaffirmed with words and actions. They want constant validations; only then they are able to give into something. The best way to deal with an overthinker is to have them be a part of various mental exercises. You can also be the person they mostly confide to because overthinkers normally end up over analysing things and they don’t share much with people. Being the person they share everything or something with is of sorts an achievement that you can use to help them in the long run.  

2 months ago

Things in life that are holding you back

As we move ahead in life, there are various things that we leave behind. There are also various that make us feel heavy on the inside and these are the things that always stay with us. True relief and living life to its fullest comes when you let go of these things and let go like. Because, if you don’t these things always hold you back in life and stop you from doing things that you always wanted to do. These things also create a hole in your heart, one that can only be filled with gratitude and letting go. Here are a list of things that you should be avoiding to move ahead in life:   Uncomfortable conversations with people If there is someone or something that makes you feel uncomfortable, let go of it. It doesn’t deserve your attention or your time. Stay away from things and people that make you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease. Bitterness with coworkers We exactly know how suffocating this can get. If your coworkers make you feel like you are the one doing everything wrong, they are manipulating you and creating self doubt in your mind and heart for yourself. Avoid conversations with them that can stir something bitter because you are to spend a lot of your time with them, working together. If, in any case, you feel like letting something out, just vent online and maybe that will help you feel better about your current situation.   The idea of impressing and making everyone happy This doesn’t happen in the real world, no matter how hard you try, people will always find ways to disregard your efforts and the way you try and make them feel happy. No human is ever too happy with the deeds of the other.   Comparing yourself with people in an unhealthy way Do not compare yourself with others, what they do, what they say, what they eat and how they act is none of your concern. You are a different person and so are they. Make sure you create your own identity because if you are always going to be this person who tries to compare and compete, you will lose your real self and essence. All that will be left will be a will to challenge and compare and change yourself accordingly.   Having toxic people in life If you feel some people are being manipulative, they are being toxic, make sure that you are clear with your intentions that you will not entertain them in your life beyond a certain point. Establish that they cannot make use of your good intentions and be done with it them. These things are normal when you read and talk about them but when you actually practise them in your life, it is only then when you realise that they hold you back in life. 

2 months ago

Signs that show your best friend is constantly using you

Do you feel like you know that friend of yours really well? Just when you know you are almost there, only then things really start to slip from your hands. Yeah, that is what life is all about. There is a fine line between knowing a friend and having them take undue advantage of you. If you sense the slightest bit of change in their behaviour, know that they are not their usual self. If your friendship has become all about them and there is no ‘you’ in the friendship; you are totally being used by them. Here are a few signs that will help you understand if your friend is using you or not:   They are only around when they want something from you. Ever been in that situation where you want something from your friend and they are not around to provide you with it? But, the minute they want something from you; you have to always be available for them at their disposal. This is called using one’s friend for their ulterior motives. They don’t include you in their social media posts or plans as often as you do. The minute your friend considers or thinks of you as any less, you know that they are not the same with you. People change and so do their priorities, but what stands with you all the time is yourself so never ever think or consider anyone else to be before you in life. If your friend is not as inclusive as you are then it is time to rethink about your priorities too. They talk behind your back. The worst betrayal that a friend can give you is talking behind your back. If they talk or say bad things about you in your absence, do they really deserve your loyalty? Do they really deserve to be your friend? It is time for you to rethink that. They always manipulate you into wanting or liking things that they want or like. You know a friend is not real when all they want to do is change you or make you someone that you are not. This is something that most people will relate with because there is a lack of acceptance in our world. If your friend is trying to manipulate you, let out your true emotions by venting here. Let out your true side by giving them a red signal that things are not acceptable to you beyond a certain point. They get angry when you are happy or when you succeed. Is your friend really your friend when he or she is not happy with your goals or your accomplishments? Well, this is your part to think about and once it is clear, you will be clear about where you want to take your friendship. So, think wisely and choose your inner circle wisely.  

2 months ago

Things you should never say sorry for !

Sorry. Ever since we are taught things in school, we have been conditioned to use this word for every time things go wrong. Little do we realise that this word has now become much more than just saying it to show manners or courtesy as a child. It has become more of a massaging factor to feed people’s ego. “It is his fault, he should say sorry to me.” “So what if he loves me? He did not say sorry!” “She is so rude, she should have said sorry to her for doing that.” Life has all become about who says sorry first! We say, say sorry only when you mean and say it with full conviction. Don’t just say it to please people or save relationships because if someone feels that saying sorry to them will change things, it won’t. Sorry just acts as a reassurance. We have listed down some situations where you should never bow down and say sorry, come what may! 1. Don’t be sorry for being yourself. Never apologise for the way you are. Yes, this might sound arrogant to so many people but never ever be sorry for who you are and what you are to become. People have been fed wrong philosophies about love and self love. Never apologise for the fact that you are different from people. It is who you are, you should always embrace it.   2. Don’t be sorry for cutting out toxic people from your life. Cutting wrong and toxic people from your life is a crucial step to take, never feel sorry for that because this has to happen. If you do not cut people from your life, they will always take advantage of how nice you are and never acknowledge the fact that you let go of a lot of things.   3. Don’t be sorry for not answering someone’s call or text. It is okay to have some time for yourself. It is okay to not be busy and still feel like not talking to people. It is okay to ask for some space. You are allowed to do all of these things for yourself, you need not apologise. It is others who need to learn that they cannot breach your personal space.   4. Don’t feel sorry for saying no to someone. If something is not in your control and you don’t want to do something, saying no is not wrong but apologising for saying no is. Always saying yes to people makes them depend on you as if you are obliged to take care of everything. Say no whenever it is not possible for you to do something.   5. Don’t feel sorry for putting yourself first. If you put yourself and your happiness first, it is a good sign. A wise man once said that if a person cannot love himself or herself, how can you expect them to love someone else? And, that stands true for most relationships and most people. Never ever say sorry just because you thought of yourself before others that one time.   6. Don’t feel sorry for making mistakes. Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. If at all making mistakes makes you feel frustrated or irritated, just vent but never say sorry about it. If you say sorry, that is basically you making your mistake sound or look like something bad. Lastly, break the habit of over apologising and embrace the way you are.

3 months ago

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