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5 smart ways to deal with toxic people around you

Finding your way through all the ups and downs in life, along with trying to stay happy and positive can be daunting at times. Especially, when you have people around you who are constantly either being mean to you or are being so toxic that their presence makes it difficult for you to even breathe. Now, we don't suggest they are wrong for you. They may be having their issues, they may be ill, they may want someone who they can vent out to, but as a good heart, you need to understand that you can't be the shoulder everyone can lean and cry on. Some people need you, but there is this another set of people who will be moody, harmful, toxic. They will make you a victim of their moodiness, intimidate and manipulate you into thinking that you are doing something wrong when you are not supporting them. They will always prioritise their needs above yours, and this is precisely the kind of toxic behaviour you have to stay away from. This selfish give and take that people call a relationship or friendship needs to stop somewhere. So, how can you exactly stop or manage the fallout of this relentless toxicity? We present before you some tips that will help you in doing so:   1. Set your limits and stop pretending that whatever they are doing is okay. You need to tell them where they are going wrong and where they are trying to expect a lot from you. Set boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to you. Make sure that you send a clear message to them. Do not, under any circumstances, try to negotiate or adjust after you have set your boundaries.   2. Don’t take their behaviour personally and doubt yourself. Once you find out that a person is toxic, whatever they say to you about your shortcomings shouldn’t bother you because it is not your fault; it is how they want you to be and you shouldn’t be someone who would change according to someone else.   3. Take time for yourself. Amidst dealing with someone who is being unproductive and toxic in your life, don’t forget to give yourself some time. Make sure you are not always available for them. Do things that you like, go to places that you fancy and let them also from time to time be a part of it so that they can come out of their toxicity. And, if not, you need to understand that you have tried enough to improve things for them.   4. Follow through it all, weigh the consequences and if they happen to be deadly, try to distance yourself from them. Toxic people can make even a good day miserable for you. Make sure you know when it is time for you to distance yourself from them and their poisonous actions.   5. Urge them to vent out so that whatever negativity is there in them comes out and it doesn’t bother you or them. Venting out is therapeutic, ask your friend/ colleague/ significant other whoever is trying to be toxic to you, to vent out because it is crucial for their emotional health. They can’t do this to you or to themselves. The toxicity that is there in them will eat them up. Ask them not to bottle it up and vent out. For any recommendations or suggestions, reach out to us at  

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Anger management done right, 5 ways to vent out in a healthy way

"I've had too much for the day, don't irritate me or I might explode on you". "I am so angry; I want to punch someone". If you are someone who has typically such thoughts and faces problems managing the overflow of emotions, you have stumbled upon the right piece.  We all surely have our days when we feel so angry that every damn thing irritates us. And then some people sit calmly across the room and act as if nothing has happened. These are not emotionless robots. These are people who have mastered the art of channelising their thoughts and managing their anger along with all the negativity in life. People often say that ignorance is bliss, and when you ignore all the negative things in life, you are at peace. Instead, we say, negative emotions should be addressed with utmost honesty, sensibility and flushed out of one's system. There is no rocket sign involved; here are some ways that can help you vent out all the negative emotions and manage your anger effectively:       1. Write a letter. This letter can be addressed to anyone, can be written in any language; you have to let out what has been bothering you. The clarity that you will get after writing something will act as an added advantage at your disposal. It's all your feelings, thoughts, things that have irritated you and made you feel angry dumped on a piece of paper.   2. Cry your heart out, look into the mirror and say everything imagining the person you are looking at in the mirror is the one you are supposed to say everything to. Crying is the best feeling, especially when you feel utterly oppressive because of the emotional baggage and responsibilities. Always allow yourself the space to grieve and when that is done, let out your thoughts.   3. Create art or do some physical exercise where you focus all your energy in one direction. If something has been bothering you and you want to vent out, create an art that revolves around the same and depict pictorially how you feel about the same. You could also think of creative ways to show your emotions. On a side note, you can also try any physical activity or exercise where you vent out by not directly addressing the issue but by focusing your aggressive energy elsewhere.   4. Scream your heart out. As much as other options are quite doable, this one might sound silly but it becomes necessary after a point of time because there is so much filled inside you which has to come out. Don't bottle your emotions, let them flow and you will see a positive change in you.   5. Vent out on anonymous platforms or share with us when we come to your city. It is always great to share your feelings with strangers or share them when you know that people won't know it's you who is sharing all the things. Try anonymous platforms where you can pour your heart out without people judging you. Or, you can also be a part of our offline event when we roll out the details and come to your city. Stay tuned for more updates! Happy venting… :)

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Has Social Media Become a Place for Promotions and Propaganda?

From politicians to celebrities, everyone is using social media to their advantage – for promoting themselves, enhancing their image or just for targeting their opponents. The power of social media has led almost everyone to believe that it can make or break people’s reputation. It can be used as a tool to become famous or infamous. Be it negative publicity or positive, social media gives you a platform to showcase whatever you want to, sans filters or barriers.   Whether you want to promote your website, advertise a product or get leads for your company by generating traffic, social media comes in handy for every kind of promotion, be it for a personal or a work-related agenda. You can advocate your own ideas and lead people into believing whatever they want to -- social media can easily be deceptive. You can portray something that is miles away from reality. This is also when social media is misused, making it toxic. Fake news and misinformation spread like wildfire on social media because the propaganda created around it is so strong that people tend to believe it without verifying facts.   Social media is still evolving, people are still understanding the nuances of the humongous virtual world. Its power can either be harnessed to achieve positive goals and objectives or it can also be misused by creating false narratives and deceptive images. No doubt, there are a multitude of benefits of social media and it has the power to change the world. From building a wide subscriber base on Youtube to being able to share all formats of content with just a click, connecting to your fans or friends and spreading awareness -- social media is amazing!   Social media probably came up as a platform for people to be able to connect with each other, for social interactions and sharing. Now, it is also increasingly being used for promotions of brand, company or any other product. It is extensively used by big companies to sell their ideas, offers, products, and services.   You can gauge this through the fact that people now specialise in courses on Facebook and Instagram advertising. In companies, people are assigned to work on social media advertising and campaigns that are launched on these platforms. They have to make regular posts and updates about their company’s service or product. Also, they keep posting offers and discounts to boost their business’ growth. The target audience that they get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube can increase their popularity and make them garner more attention. Also, social media gives them an opportunity to understand the pain points and the desires of their customers.   This is the age of technology and the Internet is ruling over the lives of almost everyone. In a world where our day begins with checking our social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube – it will not be an exaggeration to say that any interesting activity can hardly ever go unnoticed on the web. A single post is enough to make you a star overnight. Similarly, you can also be subject to hate comments and bullying with just one post. Flak is something that you can easily attract on social media, even if you are a powerful or celebrated figure.   Celebrities promote their films through social media and strengthen their fan base. Social influencers harness its power to connect to more people. Politicians launch their campaigns and miss no opportunity to pull down their opponents. Common people suddenly come into the limelight with just one post that makes them a public figure overnight. Promotion and publicity are what social media is increasingly being used for. Let us not forget that this is a platform where the photo of an egg posted by Kylie Jenner can get millions of likes. Such is the power of social media and people try to gain as much from it as possible.   It is also a place where many times propagandas are staged to garner attention. Social media is a place where there are all kinds of people, so people get the opportunity to cater to every kind of audience. Celebrities too, leverage it in their favor by updating their fans about their upcoming projects and plans. But controversies also engulf social media, where gossip can be extracted from every trivial post made by such prominent people.   The moment you post something, you have put it in front of millions of people, who can either love it or hate it, but can’t really ignore it. People love social media – it is fun, interactive and entertaining. Common people easily get the opportunity to peek into the lives of those people who they cannot have access to in the real world. It becomes a place for them where they can smoothly and very easily facilitate the promotion of their works.   They are already in the public eye, and, through social media, every little detail of their life that they choose to put in front of people can be viewed in a jiffy. The speed at which you can reach people and the number of people you can reach also makes social media a strong tool to propagate ideas. And who doesn’t check their social media accounts? Nowadays, you might not be a TV person, but social media is something you will surely follow.        

2 months ago

Tips to sway your anger in the digital age

Are you frustrated with your monotonous work routine and the pressure of deadlines? Has academic competition gotten on your nerves to the extent that it might someday drive you to insanity? Is the daily news on hate crimes, murders, warmongering, terrorism and rapes making you experience a bout of negativity, so much so that you want to throw up? Are you sick of the maddening world of social media and the perpetual cyberbullying? We assume it’s a Yes.   In today’s world, it has become hard to express yourself freely. Everything we say or do is judged and monitored so closely that we have lost out on our freedom of speech and expression. Our opinions are molded by those who hold power as we are apprehensive of putting our real side in front of the world for the fear of being evaluated.   We have lesser friends in the real world and more in the virtual world, which makes us feel lonely and deprived of emotional attachments. Relationships suffer in the midst of this, making us feel more depressed. Mental health is aggravated by the constant pressure to think a certain way, to look a certain way and to behave a certain way. Individuality has lost out on significance and everyone wants to become a clone of their favorite celebrity or YouTuber. Anxiety and depression have become so common that every third person has been on medication for it.   Latch on to a Social Networking Platform We feel trapped in our own minds and in our bodies. To get rid of this toxicity and to alleviate our stress, it is good to take a break once in a while and pen down our thoughts. When we write things down, it not only enables us to vent out our anger and frustration but also releases the negativity that keeps building up in us when we don’t talk about our problems. Indian social media platforms like VentAllOut have given people the opportunity to freely and anonymously express themselves.   Find a Space where You can Express Unabashedly Since individuals can set their identity to anonymous on such top social networking sites, it becomes easier for people to put out their true emotions and opinions, sans the fake layers that people generally pad themselves up within the social world.   Anonymity is like an added advantage because you not only can express your opinions, but you can do it with your identity hidden from the world, which makes your lay bare your soul. It is definitely easier to speak about issues when you know that you will not be judged or ridiculed for it.     Express and Emote We know the world can be a cruel place to live in, people can be mean and disappointing, loneliness can make you feel miserable – such top social networking platforms can come to your rescue in situations like these. Write down your opinions on everything and anything – ranging from politics, showbiz, international affairs, love, and relationships – and post it anonymously.   Sometimes talking is important to prevent your emotions from building up into a volcano that might erupt at a time when you are not ready to handle it. Yet, at times, we do not feel like talking to people who know us. It is, often, better to share things with someone who has no bias and preconceived notions about your life. Again, these platforms prove to be of utmost importance and help for such people who want to talk about their problem, but only under conditions of anonymity.   Join a Community Despite having people an instant message away, we tend to feel that we have no one to talk to, which is because the world is coming closer with technology, yet is moving far from having true and meaningful relationships. Such platforms form a community where people can read and feel inspired by stories of other people like them. In case of those who are not like them, they can get an insight into a different view and become more accepting of diverging realities.   Sharing your stories on such websites can help you overcome many of your problems and can also give you clarity of thought. Letting out your feelings can make you break free from a multitude of negative thoughts. Building this community can be of immense help to those who have been battling depression. For introverts too, this can be a blessing in disguise.   So, dive right into this world of anonymity to escape loneliness and to get the taste of free speech.  

4 months ago

Long Form Content Loses to Short Form Content - Instagram Gaining Pace against YouTube

In the snap of a finger and ease of a click – this is the kind of pace and effortlessness that can engage millennials’ attention and pique their interest. In our fast-paced world, it seems that no one has the time to sit and watch hour-long videos, which is why almost everything in the short format – from news stories to videos – is being preferred. It’s not my personal opinion. This is really happening.   In case of a platform like Instagram, where the picture of an egg fetched 40 million likes, it will not be an overstatement to say that it is becoming a rage, which might soon outpace and topple YouTube from its position of being the most preferred destination for watching videos. Even though YouTube has 1.8 billion users, gets 30 million visitors per day and a whopping 5 billion videos are watched daily, people are increasingly becoming inclined towards the shorter 60-second videos that are shared on Instagram.   Apart from the duration of the videos, there are a few other aspects that give it an upper hand. Firstly, not everyone who visits YouTube uploads videos on the platform – making and uploading videos is solely for those who have a channel or want to create content for YouTube. Also, you can’t upload the kind of videos that you might post on Instagram because anyone who uses YouTube can see it and not just the ones who follow you, as is the case with Instagram. The viewership is entirely under the control of the Instagrammer, with a more targeted audience.   Secondly, people are more inclined towards Instagram because you get to see not only the videos and photos that celebrities, celebrated personalities and brands upload but also the ones that people in your circle – friends, family members and colleagues, upload. Since it is a 60-second long video, there is no distraction created by ads.   According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, 85% of teenagers said they use YouTube. Instagram follows closely at 72 percent. There is another feature that makes Instagram interesting, making many people inclined towards it – Instagram Live that differs from Facebook Live in that it disappears within 24 hours of the broadcast. This taps into the viewers’ fear of missing out (FOMO). Within 24 hours of its introduction, it became a success with more than 5 million uploads.   It has been estimated that approximately 20% of the people, who are watching a video, will leave after the first 10 seconds. Instagram’s 1 billion monthly users already watch 60% more video on the platform than they did a year ago. This has further amassed a creative class of influencers. Also in the case of sponsored videos, Instagram has proven to be far better than YouTube as they can be consumed quickly and also does not require you to shell out much money for the content. So, Instagram as a platform is beneficial both to influencers and brands.   According to estimates, Instagram has witnessed an 80% increase, with every passing year, for videos. The growth in the popularity of videos has quadrupled the creation of videos from 2017.  The traction can be gauged from the fact that when videos were launched on Instagram in 2013, 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours.   But even as the video consumption on Instagram has increased, photos continue to generate 36% more likes than videos. Factors like visual aesthetics and ease of use make users more inclined towards Instagram as a platform to watch videos, as against YouTube.    Instagram has gone through several changes and added features like Instagram Stories, live-streaming, and carousel photo albums. Instagram Stories were introduced on the platform in August 2016, which allows users to upload photos and videos (along with the stickers and other details) to their profiles that would expire after 24 hours (a function similar to Snapchat). The engagement growth for videos is outpacing that for photos, which is evident from the numbers – 60% posts of the 30 most engaging Instagram accounts were photos and 33% were video posts, despite this, the average engagement rate for videos increased by 53%. But this clearly suggests that video engagements weren’t necessarily dependent on the number of videos posted. National Geographic had the third biggest total of Instagram likes and comments on its videos but produced only produced 51 videos.   Everything visual catches the attention of people and Instagram is extremely visual in nature. Not just is it visual but also becomes more interactive, which is what people look for, nowadays. Instagram videos are full of people -- in many of them, there are close-up looks at the emotions playing across their faces. Videos from National Geographic and Tasty are a visual feast. Sports videos are also amazing, with the action-packed antics that can translate well to digestible video snippets.   With 1 billion active users and the aesthetic appeal of its photo and videos that can become a fixation, I believe, Instagram is the next video platform.  

5 months ago

Google and FB will soon have to pay creators in EU. India should follow suit!!

The world is content-driven – be it in the form of news, books, blog posts, music or cinema. But it has often been argued that content creation does not get its due online as virtual giants are perpetually and conveniently tapping the creative expertise of content creators by re-publishing their content, without ensuring a fair share to them in the revenue that it generates.   Many a time, this has been seen as an infringement of their creative rights. Copyright laws of a country have a significant role here, as they alone have the capacity to construct a fair playing ground for content creators and online platforms. If tackled efficiently, the interests of both online platforms and content creators can be safeguarded, sans transgressions.   In India too, content creators have to deal with this predicament. They do not get a fair remuneration for their content that appears on websites like Facebook and Google. The absence of any kind of agreement between the content creators and online platforms aggravates the problem. There is no legally binding rule that can protect the content or at least, ensure fair pay to those who have generated that content. Copyrighted material is often uploaded on websites like YouTube and Instagram as they do not have any filter against copyright-protected content.   In a bid to ensure fair remuneration for content creators, the European Union’s copyright laws were recently modified. Under this proposal, online platforms -- like Facebook and Google -- will be required to compensate publishers and creators for the content that appears or is used on their websites. The agreement still needs to be rubber-stamped by the European Parliament and the bloc’s member states, which is typically a formality.   With the EU’s move, we can envisage the extent of the problem. Content is what most of such websites are based on, yet they do not consider it their responsibility to acknowledge the work of content creators. However, the EU’s move can be viewed as a positive advancement towards protecting the rights of content creators.   Titled The European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, the proposal would make it mandatory for Google and other similar platforms entering into licensing agreements with content creators -- including news outlets, journalists, authors and record labels to reproduce their work online. Platforms such as YouTube and Instagram would also be required to filter out copyright-protected content.   The revenue that will be shared with creators under this law is aimed at not only protecting the creative interests of publishers but also the cultural heritage of the EU. “Agreement reached on #copyright! Europeans will finally have modern copyright rules fit for the digital age with real benefits for everyone: guaranteed rights for users, fair remuneration for creators, clarity of rules for platforms,” EU digital chief Andrus Ansip said in a tweet.   Tech firms will be required to remove or block uploads if artists and music producers refuse to grant platforms licenses. And if platforms don’t negotiate licenses with publishers, or if publishers don’t waive their rights, web firms won’t be able to display longer fragments of news articles under headlines. India too should strive to adopt such measures to facilitate a healthy generation of content and revenue. Taking a cue from EU’s decision, India should make it mandatory to have a licensing agreement between platforms like Google and musicians, performers, artists, journalists and authors, which can ensure that they are fairly paid if their works are being used on these websites.   Such websites depend on the works on these content creators but take a step back when it comes to giving them a monetary share. This situation, which allows a few companies to earn money without adequately remunerating content creators, needs to be rectified not just in EU but it many other countries that have not yet introduced such a scheme.   However, there are several others who voice concern against such a proposal, including Google. Google has opposed these reforms, saying that have the potential to “change the web as we know it”. It has also threatened to block Google News in Europe if the reforms in the EU go ahead. Furthermore, free speech activists are of the opinion that this move could result in censorship online.   Even if we keep these two concerns in mind, it cannot be denied that these large online platforms are making money out of the content generated by creators, but are not paying them. This can have huge repercussions for the field of content creation as not getting fair pay for their work, which is being reproduced, not only weakens their morale but also lowers the value of their works. This unbalanced system needs to be addressed for a better future of professional content creation.   EU’s move is expected to be of a greater significance in the world scenario, encouraging other countries, like India, where content creators are hardly ever paid fairly, to adopt the same.        

5 months ago

How social media helps define brands as a marketing platform for different businesses. Make the most of it!!

Did you know that 90% of all marketers say social media marketing has increased their business exposure? Or that 66% of marketers that spend at least 6 hours on social per week have seen more leads? With the advent of social media, traditional marketing methods no longer seem enough to sustain a business. Social connectivity has become the key to marketing and building the brand’s image for the buyers. Analytics and other measurement tools can enable entrepreneurs to find how they can take advantage of social media as a marketing tool and also how to use data to optimize their social marketing campaigns.   Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are here to stay, which means that marketers can leverage this popularity and use it for their brand’s growth and also to pad their wallets. One of the greatest benefits of social media marketing is that it helps you reduce marketing costs, without sacrificing on the results.   Not only can you reach a global audience with limited resources but social media can get you a target audience. Having access to all these customers will help boost traffic. When a new blog or update is put on the homepage, it can take time to get traction through Google, which means that few customers will know the new content if they are not searching for your product or service. Using social media for business also boosts your site’s SEO.   Social media marketing will help you understand your audience. Social channels like Twitter and Instagram become effective marketing tools with the way they facilitate interaction with your customer base. As a matter of fact, many brands use YouTube to beta-test their ads before launching as TV commercials. The reason is obvious: investment is low, the market is huge and the results are almost instantaneous. Brands for starters, has started off by promoting itself in viral videos.   Another reason brands are taking to social media platforms to get their name out is that they have got most of the early adopters. Youth are the most likely target market for food delivery and car rental apps. It makes sense for brands to test their adoption online.   Also, by reading their tweets and status updates, brands can easily gain insight into daily lives of users, thereby allowing you to gauge their behavior as a consumer. Social media marketing, or SMM, can allow you to easily understand the kind of products that they are buying and why, their hobbies, the kind of posts that they share, the websites that they frequently visit.   This knowledge is bound to have obvious marketing benefits. If you understand your customer, you can write better content and more compelling posts, which leads to more traffic. But the benefits can sometimes go far beyond – it can help you in identifying customer pain points, refining your product strategy and also in improving sales.   Talking about social media ads, they have another plus point -- they allow targeting and retargeting. Social media platforms offer highly targeted advertisement that can be customized based on the customer’s needs. For instance, Facebook ads can target customers by several factors -- like age, education level, location, industry and even user behavior (the number and the kind of pages the user has liked).   Businesses that have high selling frequency can benefit more. Have you ever wondered why you see brand ads on your Facebook dashboard? Well, Facebook and Google allow you to retarget, making it easy for the brand to capture user information and share more offers with users that have used the service already.   Through social media, you can help get noticed and also earn media coverage. The success of an event heavily depends on effective promotion. And what better way for promotion than social media? An active social media presence is always an advantage. Brand image thrives on social media marketing. The way your brand is presented on social networking sites, nowadays, has more power to create an image in any potential customer’s mind than TV commercials. Since almost everyone is on social media and people constantly keep checking their phones, regular updates about the brand can also be given – like the launch of a new product or the betterment of an earlier service or sales and discount offers.   A strong media presence will also build brand loyalty. It can considerably reduce your customer response time as these days if there is a problem with your product or service, the consumer expects it to be solved right away. It was found in a report published by Texas Tech University that brands with an active social media presence are likely to have more customers.   Engagement with people on social media helps marketers develop a connection and a rapport, which in turn enables them to widen their customer base. It is a positive step in providing your followers with useful information and help, along with some entertainment that manages to keep their interest peaked. This will also project that you value your customers as people and not just a source of revenue. Customers will see you as an entity that cares about them and they too will be able to understand the brand’s vision. In the competitive business world of today, this has the ability to make a huge difference. Social media can also be perfect for a well-suited PR strategy.   Not only can you develop stronger relationships with your customers, but it will also enable you to acquire more customers. It has been estimated that 70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook. So, yes, social media plays a great role than you can imagine in increasing your sales through its obvious innumerable benefits.

5 months ago

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