Bibliotherapy during pandemic can be very helpful. Daily Drag
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2020 has become a frightening set of digit almost like the 13th, the happenings that has dawned upon mankind during this span of digit has added darkness to the already dark world of some frail minds who find it difficult to cope with many intense stress they are put through. To give them hope and relief is not an easily attainable task, it requires some useful and clear cut approaches which is also flexible. Bibliotherapy is such a therapy which is undemanding yet very fruitful in these cases. Books are proved to have the power of reaching ones heart more easily than humans, be it poetry, novella, personal development and self help books. This is something humans have used since ancient times which we see through waves of time when King R*mses II named his book chamber as ‘House of healing for soul’, when soldiers in world war one used books to recover from traumas, to this day when healing through books are used as a scientific therapy. Apart from scientific proofs, as people who have read books we are familiar with situations while reading a book we might feel that certain sentences or dialogues were meant for us and other times certain characters resemble ourselves. It is this resemblance and an*logy that becomes useful in venting off tormenting thoughts. This therapy has its own protocols like prescribing books according to a person’s situation and having therapeutic sessions along with the book. To reach out to a person and healing them with words is a beauty in itself

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