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Don’t we all have that friend-brothers that talk all mighty about protecting his sister, who doesn’t let us go alone anywhere, who might suggest coming up to our office to question the attitude of our bosses, well of course you might have or you might have encountered such charming men concerned about us more than us itself which is labeled as 'courteous attention to women'. We wont notice this until we study such behaviors or are always updated on the sexist attitudes. For a common girl who is not much into feminism this might be very hard to grasp too. Haven't we heard the praises given to mothers who has sacrificed many things for the family, it is said that only woman can do it so she should be praised, the problem doesn’t end with praising and still continuing the caging of the woman, yes it was praise worthy that doesn’t mean one should still be forced to do it. By praising what is taught to us is that sacrifices is better than dreams so continue the old tradition. Similarly the friend-brothers mentioned above see us as little rats who isn’t capable of voicing our problems, who can't do responsible jobs, who cant talk to people at higher positions properly so they intervene as someone with this useless chivalry, it is really difficult to understand this sexism because it is coated in sugar. It is this benevolent sexists who circulate the posts that say to the girls to protect her chastity because she is ‘goddess’ but in short they are just saying that a girl who lost her chastity is not a goddess and she lost it because she herself was the reason for it. When rape crimes or assault crimes happen these kinds of ‘kind’ posts come heaping up, recently when such incident happened a post was viral which instead teaching men how to respect a woman, it was addressed to girls who should find the right guy who would love their souls and not give into the man’s desires. it’s
as if proclaiming that men by default are like that so it is the woman’s responsibility to protect herself. No one of such courteous people will write posts addressed to boys to behave. Similar things can be heard in our day to day life where a woman is said to be infinitely forgiving and thereby says that she should forgive her husband’s illicit relations but men won’t forgive because they are not as forgiving as woman, A woman has the power to face all adversities so she should remain in an abusive relationship without having a divorce, A woman’s body is so pristine so she should not expose it. And the love of these benevolent sexists is unending, it is these benevolent sexist who will say that a girl was raped because she went out at night, because men are like that and she should have sat at home during that time, it indirectly gives men all the freedom to do all crimes. So girls beware of these benevolent sexists.

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