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Sensitivity and being easily affected by some other’s words and actions and being depressed for it, crying really fast is considered as something shameful in most cultures even in mine, I am a person who cry very easily even if something isn’t even hurting me , I cry when someone makes fun of me, I laugh it off of course but my eyes somehow will fill with tears which I take care not be seen by others because they will be taken aback and think that they have offended me, I may not be offended, but I just cry. But it is said that being sensitive is not something to be actually shameful of because sensitive people have many qualities that others might not have. Sensitive people just like how deeply they feel sadness will also feel happiness with the same intensity and will be able to appreciate it better. We can be very empathetic, because what is more loving than crying for a stranger? Sensitive people might have better observation and grasping power than others, because even the little things matter to them. Since sensitive people know that they are sensitive they are experts in overcoming hurt and hard situations which makes them more adapting kind. Sensitive people can be very creative, just think about all famous writers they are highly sensitive to be able to write about all emotions in such depth. And finally we are very aware of our surroundings and situations be it good or bad which is highly beneficial in living our lives.


I used to be too sensitive and have been the victim to a lot of mockings by friends, family haha at times even strangers! Now, I have been well gotten good at hiding that version of myself. I know being sensitive is actually a boon, you become so empathetic to others' feelings and that matures you somehow, makes you kore an*lytic. However, the world sees nothing but the negatives and since we are so sensitive, it gets into our heads right. So i have this facade of being funny by saying my sensitive feelings in a way that people think I'm kidding hahah that way I keep it all balance but I do take out time for myself to reflect on my personal growth and needs.
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