Atheism is becoming a new religion now. Current Affairs
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There is tug of war going on in the world statistics of non believers and believers. Atheism is on the rise on most of the western countries while India is seeing over obsession on religions and indulgence in rituals and practices while on the other hand violence based on religions is seen. In African countries too, religions are seen to have been increasing while in the west youth who answer to religion as no is like a tsunami wave. The reasons that are an*lyzed are many, for some it is science, for other it is humanism, while some are into secularism. All these youth have seen in their life hatred based on religions that they find staying away as a better plan. while other set of youth are more obsessed with materialistic life that they are no longer interested in deeper meanings that religion profess, they are more into worldly enjoyment and doesn’t care about something that they have no proof of, the after-life. We have reached an age where youngsters find being religious to be something to be ashamed of, they don’t want to tell their friends that they are religious. Belief in science and the habit of searching for proofs and questioning everything is also on the rise among youngsters that it is tough to silent them with some meta-narratives. Either they believe strongly in science, scientific proofs or they are suspicious of everything including scientific believes. It is said that world might reach an atheism age a lot earlier than what was predicted before because that large is the increase in this new Atheism religion.

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