Are iPhones overrated ?A gadget or a style statement ? Grievance
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This is a question that has been raised so many times. Still apple doesn't seem to preclude it.Everytime a new series is launched, apple is mocked by people as it doesn't offer anything new except the increase in its prices. It might be a great deal for the rich class but not for the working class.(I don't mean to judge but this is the truth).It is a style statement for some people but it doesn't offer any relief to the working class people. I mean just seeing the prices people don't feel like buying it.There are so many android phones that provide better features than the iphones.It claims to provide a better security and the top notch camera features but what is with the pricing? We do have other camera phones that provide high quality pictures. Has it all come down to this ?Just a money making business. If apple claims it has so many features why can't it develop a phone that is genuinely priced ?Shouldn't it benefit all of us? With the exuberant offers they have what is the point of selling a phone that a middle class person cant even buy. Half of the apple users cannot even claim why they had purchased the phone and the features it provides that validates the purchase. Unfortunately, I have used the iPad for a year and trust me it is the most annoying thing. I did not find anything different that was not there on android. It is downright annoying most of the times. Why are we classifying the Operating Systems now. Gadgets are supposed to help us and not just act as a style statement.

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