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I am an ardent lover of animation movies and series, the abundance of stories in animation can never be found in real movies, it has an innocence of its own even while dealing with intense matters. But as an animation lover I have to always search outside India to find a movie that I like. India is remarkably low at creating good animations apart from the some TV animations that has been popular. Indian people in my view do not have much interest in animations while abroad even adults enjoy it. There is also shortage of contents whenever a animation movie is made it either a Mahabharata story or a R*mayana story while in Japan the sources of animations are from the abundance of mangas that are written. I think Indian people underestimate the beauty of an animation film and think that it is kid thing. But I know that animations are sometime way better than many movies that are released in India. To compete with release dates of Bollywood or any industry movies and find slot is almost impossible in India. It also shows the lack of film making imagination in India because animation is a place of infinite imagination which can be used in wonderful ways. I just wish that Indian film making use the abundant stories in the country and would be more accepting of animation movies because if used properly India has the potential to beat even Disney

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