Alzheimer is also becoming a lifestyle disease. Daily Drag
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we all know what Alzheimer is, there was a time when this term was unfamiliar to us, well that time is long past and now this has become a term known to even small children because this is a disease that majority of people become subject to, especially in old age. Though the real cause of the disease is unknown the number of patients of this disease is increasing each year, the present statics shows that about 10 million people worldwide is being diagnosed with Alzheimer. So it is clear that like cancer Alzheimer also have something to do with our lifestyle. It might sound impossible but a healthy life style can reduce the chances for this disease. We might think that since this disease is related to our brain and neurons our physical well being has nothing to do with it but the case is the opposite. Since it is increasing each year doctors say that Alzheimer has connection with our life style, so though it may sound improbable exercising can decrease Alzheimer. Regular exercise and keeping the pressure sugar and ch*lesterol levels and eating healthy can all keep us away from this pitiable disease. To lead a life that won’t put others in difficult spot is everyone’s wish so for achieving that we must look after our physique very early on.

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