Agartha or the Hollow earth theory, yet another theory that shakes our science beliefs. Daily Drag
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Just like the flat earth theory there is a theory that questions all our beliefs, that is the hollow earth theory or the existence of an unknown land called Agartha which is very relatable to our imagination of aliens- a land with peace and technological progressions unknown to man. There have been scientists who believed that earth was hollow which had layers beneath it that could have the atmosphere to garner living conditions. It was the diary of admiral Richard Byrd that gave this theory the popularity, he was a military officer who had to go to south and north poles for various missions of America and in one of his expeditions he says he came in contact with the people of Agartha who had flying saucers, they requested admiral Byrd to instruct mankind of the destruction it was causing as they had heard the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and came to earth to find out what happened and was shocked to know mankind is building weapons that could perish the mankind themselves. Richard Byrd does not give any proofs for this confession of his but says that he was sworn to be silent by his authorities about his experiences and it is a fact that since then various massive projects were introduced by America in north and south pole making it a highly confidential land. We have studied that earth has crust, mantle and core and we have also studied the layers of it. But all that are the discoveries based on speculation and volcano based. It was also found in one of the drilling of Russians that the undergrounds were not as we thought it would be, though the drilling went only 7 miles. There is also the belief that the Nazis were always in search of Agartha and their bases in the poles are facts, the mystery behind Adolf Hitler’s death is also connected with this conspiracy theory where some believe that Hitler escaped to Agartha because his death is something still debated. Maybe this is yet another imagination or the fantasy of some minds but what we should learn from all these is that earth is something which still has many mysteries yet to be discovered so the possibility of our beliefs being shattered is still high.

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