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We being Indians know the beliefs about afterlife as our Hindu myths talks about incarnations and other religions like Ch*is*ianity, Buddhism, Islam all says about after life and living after being dead this concept has lived as long as men have lived because it is evident from scriptures and Egyptian mummies and pyr*mids. Some believe in it as part of their religion and some others don’t believe in it as part of their scientific loyalty but what we rarely hear is the scientific proof for afterlife and it is prevalent and many scientists believe in it with scientific proof. There are many theories that explain this afterlife belief which cannot be proved practically but that non practicality cannot be a reason to not believe it as many scientific discoveries have a part in them that cannot be proved practically so if we believe in science there are possibilities for us to believe in after life, some of such theories are:
Cosmic inflation and afterlife.
Eternal inflation says that the process that caused our big bang theory has never stopped and will continue creating new one for all time that explains that this will create not just one but an infinite number of universes. Then our universe is just one of an infinite succession of big bangs so this life that we live will occur in another place and time and possibly very far in future but it is believed to happen. So in this theory we have lived this life before we are living it and will live it again.
Mechanism and afterlife
This believes that our body is a machine and so our brain’s working can also be explained as a mechanism. If this theory is right then rebuilding a part of brain is possible. So as long as the pattern of a mind is restored then the person survives. This theory almost believes in reincarnation in a scientific way.

Quantum mechanics and the afterlife.
Quantum mechanics is very approved and practically used in daily lives and there is a theoretical part to quantum mechanics that suggest that particles can have multiple locations at once. This was developed by Schrödinger and his theory that was later developed implies the existence of unlimited universes and histories which suggests closely as in we have immortal life. So whenever our life end in a particular history, there is always some other history where our life continues. Maybe even in younger forms. This infinite realities and universes have its suggestions in some religious scriptures too as in Bhagavata Purana.
These are only few of such theories that imply life after death so maybe our religions do say something about afterlives which are actually possible scientifically. That makes religious scriptures even more mysterious.

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