Addiction to carbohydrates is a real thing. Daily Drag
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We as Indians have this un-resistible love for rice products, south Indians are in love with rice, idli, dosa and appams , the kids cannot live without their cakes, cookies, pizzas, pastas and bread. The common elements in all of these are carbohydrates, sugar contained carbohydrates. Whenever someone gets on to dieting, they know that they should cut out on crabs but it proves to be a difficult task than the HIT exercises. Some studies prove that this craving for carbs that we call as love for carbs is actually an addiction because carbs seems to affect the areas of the brain related to pleasure and reward. So we can’t blame willpower alone for our craving for carbs because it also has an addictive aspect to it from which it will be hard to get away from just like any other addiction. Some studies even show that carbs have the same effect on body like the alcohol and dependency on carbs is found to be similar to that of drug abuse. We know that these can lead to epidemic rates of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression, yet we can’t stay away from our favorite pastries, it is this craving that is agreed by some medics as addiction. Fortunately there are nutritional diagnosis and treatment for this and it is highly suggested to people with this addiction. We might love tasty carbs but let’s try and reduce the use of it because only we can look after our health and our body deserves better than some unhealthy carbs

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