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I spent the day walking in the sun Feeling the wind on my face I spent the afternoons in a daze Attempting to write poetry about this phase I guess I panicked and thought I would sink But I was made for the sea And yet, oh yet Every spiral down Reminds me of it I guess I spend the evenings wondering where it went wrong Playing movies in my head Walking back through the nights I spent Entangled in your strings I guess I never fell in love with you But I wanted you to stay I stare at my phone these days wondering If you'll ever call me up again. I had a four month spin, I had an old town feel I dipped my feet in the mud But I couldn't find my way back in I guess I was hoping for something good After everything that's happened I stand on the stage and wonder If you are watching. I guess I wanted it to last, I only wanted to be held I only wanted one time in my life Not to feel the way I felt. I watched a hundred more shows each night I eat ice cream by the hour I feel I lost someone important But I guess I never found her. I still think about you everynight But the memories are now sour I still hope I'll see your face And tell you that it sucks, that you had to do what you did That I had to feel the way I feel That everything ended up this way


It's sad though, how the drafted mails, and hand-written poetries that we might never expose to anyone preserves a lost part of ourselves. I sometimes really wonder how different life would have been or would be if we start confessing, or perhaps maybe not, maybe our chances of getting broken would increase! Yet, there is an enchantment in the craving for a lost love or a non-existing identity that we make out of ourselves to watch them from a distance and wish them all the happiness when it beaks us isn't it?
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